Hearts of Iron IV – Development Diary 58 – Tutorial, Wiki & Browser

Seb: It’s pretty neat that they made up a wiki before the release, but I’m scared about the possibility of this game turning out like Stellaris (with boring parts). I’m sure mods in this case would solve it. And the mods I’m looking forward to the most are WW1, Kaiserreich (HoI2 remake) and something that I was thinking about making myself: A mod that unites the Baltic States into one country, that hopefully would be able to survive the Soviets better. Link to Wiki: http://www.hoi4wiki.com/Beginner’s_guide
Let’s begin with the article:
Hi everyone! Today we will be talking about something pretty important: How to learn how to play Hearts of Iron IV! To help with this we have two important tools: Tutorial & Game Wiki.
Hearts of Iron IV is very much the easiest HOI to get into, but it is still a complex hardcore game, and as such we want people to get the best and smoothest start possible on the way to mastering it.

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HOI4 features a somewhat nonlinear tutorial where you will be starting off as Italy and learning about different aspects of the game. Each step will generally also contain links to in-depth info on the Wiki (more about that soon). Italy is a good country to learn with because it puts you in a pretty easy war with ethiopia right away and it’s pretty much up to you when and how you get involved with WW2. The tutorial is also not something that ends, so you can keep playing on as Italy with the same savegame if you so chose (recommended for first playthrough).

In my opinion a complete and up to date wiki is an important part of playing and learning to master a Paradox grand strategy title so we wanted to make sure there was a wiki available from launch and also that it was integrated in the game. Thats right, we now have an ingame browser so reading info won’t take you out of the game experience and its possible to open links directly from the game in it.
The browser can be set up to use your regular external one if you like also, which is pretty nice if you have multiple screens. For people on trains or otherwise disconnected from the internet – the game ships with an offline version of the wiki as well you can decide to use instead.

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You can go check out the wiki already here.
We will also be releasing a series of beginner tutorial videos starting next week for people who prefer to learn by observing :)
See you guys next friday when we’ll do the last diary before release!