HoI IV – World War Wednesday – Co-Op France – Episode 1 + Pre Orders Available

Good evening everyone. Please excuse me for posting so late. I didn’t have exactly the best day in my life (blog-wise) and now I’m just trying to keep up with what I missed. I’ll try to put on TAP everything I can.

First, I’ll begin with the preorders. You have 3 variants: Cadet, Colonel and Field Marshal. For every preorder you recieve free bonus music packs.


Cadet: 40 €, you recieve HoI4, Polish DLC, a wallpaper and a forum icon.

Colonel: 50 €, includes all of the Cadet pack (with a different forum icon), 3D Model sprite packs for ships and tanks,

Field Marshal: 80 €, includes all of the Colonel pack + Art book, forum avatars, a golden forum icon and an expansion pass.

IMO the Expansion pass is the most interesting thing:

Expansion Pass: Includes the first 2 expansions and their related content, to an estimated value of $49.99.

^ This means that HoI4 will get expansions in the future (and I bet that they will be quite expensive).

I also feel that the Polish DLC is interesting.

  • Polish: United and Ready: A Free DLC adds a unique focus tree for Poland, new 3d models for tanks and planes, 2d assets, and extra leader portraits for the ultimate in historical accuracy.

Myself, I won’t preorder, but wait for a sale. It’s too expensive since the minimum wage here is 250 € 😉

Link: https://www.paradoxplaza.com/games?cat=24

Steam Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/394360/

Now for the video:


5 thoughts on “HoI IV – World War Wednesday – Co-Op France – Episode 1 + Pre Orders Available

  1. I think there\’s a 25% rebate on all preorder on greenmangaming using the IRON25 code. im not sure how long it will be but it was working tuesday.

      1. No torrents before release most of the time(or right after for that matter). ;P
        But yeah trying the game before buying is the best.

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