WoT: Steel Hunter AMA with Game Designer Daniil Shek

A member of the Steel Hunter Development team, Game Designer Daniil Shek, will be answering some questions about the mode.

Q1. Will Steel Hunter be available as a permanent mode with or without upgrades and changes to the mode?

A1. We are currently working towards this question. We have few ideas about the mode’s future, and currently we are collecting all the data to make decisions. So it’s a mystery even to us 🙂

Q2. How is the loot distributed on the maps?

A2. That’s a pretty simple one, anywhere you can drive your tank loot can be spawned. The system tries to distribute the loot randomly between those places every wave of loot spawns.

Q3. Why do all SH tanks start very slow and sluggish unlike tanks in Random mode that can be researched and upgraded with modules? Makes the start of the mode very slow.

A3. It depends on its class. The light and medium based tanks do not feel slow at the beginning of the battle. We are balancing tanks not as vehicle which stay the same from the beginning to the end, as every game has its own phase. Some of them are powerful at the beginning in one way but have a disadvantage in others, so its a trade-off for some classes. And one more thing to mention, it also helps ensure all players get an opportunity to get involved in the battle.

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WoT: Go Retrowave with Prime Gaming This Month

Get ready to travel through time, Commanders!

The latest monthly package from Prime Gaming is all about Retrowave, boxy cars, leather jackets paired with light blue jeans, and using your pencil to roll that favorite tape of yours all the way back to the first song.

Hop in, buckle up, and boogie down to some goosebump-giving music, because the Synth Waves package is up for grabs from now through July 29.


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WoT ST: SMV CC-67 Changes

Yesterday, the WoT Supertest also included modifications to the gun for the upgraded Tier 8
🇮🇹SMV CC-67 Italian Tank Destroyer.

SMV CC-67 ( 🇮🇹Italy, Tier-8, clip size increased from 3 to 5 rounds).
Turret 1/2 Gun 1 (Stock)

• Special Round: from HEAT to APCR
• Armor penetration by AP shell: from 225 to 170mm
• Armor penetration by AP shell at 500m: from 210 to 160mm
• Armor penetration by APCR shell: from 310 to 212mm
• Armor penetration by APCR shell at 500m: 183mm
• HE shell penetration: from 105 to 53mm
• AP shell initial flight speed: from 1,155 to 903m/s
• APCR shell initial flight speed: from 800 to 1,186m/s
• HE shell initial flight speed: from 800 to 827m/s
• AP shell damage: from 360 to 320
• APCR damage: from 360 to 320
• HE damage: from 440 to 420
• Average damage per minute: from 1,908 to 1,696
• Average HE damage per minute from: 2,332 to 2,226
• AP projectile cost: from 930 to 550 credits
• APCR cost: from 4,800 to 4,400 credits
• HE projectile cost: from 1,120 to 750 credits

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