German Tank Museum has lost its Tiger

The Tiger I that was displayed in the German Tank Museum in Munster has left the collection this week. The tank is owned by a private person that loaned it out for a couple of years but its time has come now to leave. Why? Well, the owner wishes to restore it to drive-able condition again! That would be great news as Tiger 131 won’t be the only Tiger rolling then. Let’s be patient.

The hole in the side is clearly visible. Orginally, some ammunition was stored close to this hole in the hull

The Museum has announced another great addition to their collection in early 2017 but they refuse to tell what yet. The only hint is “something from the Tiger world”.

I saw this particular Tiger in the museum in its full glory. I overheard a museum guide telling his group that this tank belonged to a very wealthy business man turned WWII collector and assembled this Tiger out of 6 partially broken and scrapped Tigers over the years. It is a late version Tiger, judging by the steel road wheels (Tiger 131 has wheels covered in rubber). It also has a sizable hole in the side of the hull which had likely knocked it out in the war.

Its last (?) goodbye

16 thoughts on “German Tank Museum has lost its Tiger

      1. Holy crap, I only now see that Jagdpanther actually has received a penetrating hit through the gun case. Must have been some mean stuff to be able to pen that.

        1. This is what the KE-penetrator of an APDS- or APFSDS-grenade does to armor. If this is battle-damage, then this is quite likely the 17 pounder\’s APDS at work or maybe an OQF 77 HV.

          1. That\’s very probably true, as any sort of APCR would have left a dent around the hold, courtesy of the rest of the round.

            It\’s an impressively clean impact.

  1. Well considering it lacks and engine and is made by several scrapped Tigers like the Jagdtiger there to. I can see why he want\’s it back to complete the tank. But then again, he has assembled more then one Tiger \”without engines\” over the years I thought.

  2. So if they fix it into an operable state, does that mean they will also fix the other \’beauty problems\’, including the holes and damaged parts around the tank?
    I would really love to see a (more or less) intact Tiger, even if it\’s on just photos.

    Yes, I have seen the 131 already.

  3. I was in Munster 4 months ago, and this beauty look just awesome. If they manage to make it operational again (with or without main gun), that will be great achievement.

    Looking forward to see it again. Hopefully, next time it will be when it will roll on it\’s tracks, rather than standing still

  4. The news is wrong. The TIGER is a mockup tank. The whole in the side did NOT come from actual live gun fire. The owner just wants to make him drive…

    1. The tank is made out of 90% original parts from 6 different Tigers. Some parts were custom made \”after market\”.

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