Mini Rant for WG & TAP Discussion

To WG:

NA Clan Wars is dying. CW 2.0 was a huge fail, it made the game not fun anymore. Many important clans were disbanded, and this is not too great. Please do something and revive the end-game.


And I have a message for the TAP readers:
Sorry for being late a few times recently, I had a busy week. Will post some less-important stuff tomorrow and also try to keep up. I’ll try to reduce the 490 tabs I have and also plan the future historical articles too.
Very soon I will improve the quality of TAP by being able to post earlier. It takes a bit of focus and concentration but I’m dedicated enough to succeed. Hope it’s okay. Also, I think I’ll make a poll about Airsoft. Do you guys like it? Should I share some videos of that? And there is my fear, I want to keep TAP mostly WoT/WoWS focused. Please take notice that after Hearts of Iron IV is released, I will stop posting about it (except maybe when they make DLCs). I have no contract with them and I am only posting because I actually like the game and I am interested in it. I don’t want to post stuff that you don’t like.

So… I wanted to adress another issue. TAP is ignored by the major players (main streamers, WG in general) and it’s kind of a bit annoying… I’ll see if there are any leaks coming soon, but I can only say that the future is bright with nice stuff on the horizon.

And the last concern is: Are the TAP posts too raw? I usually don’t write too much. Is it OK?

Okay, one more thing. Spam. Some comments are automatically treated by WordPress as spam and I try to manually check them and restore them. Some people were affected (like Nikolaevna for example, sorry about that). In case you were wondering why your comment did not appear here, that’s why.

Guess I’m going to sleep now. Good night. When I wake up, I want to see some comments ๐Ÿ™‚

New Ranked Battles Coming (WoWS)

From EU forum user Takru.

Ladies, Gentlemen and the odd shiprats,

the 3rd season has been announced on the Russian forums, so prepare your ships, crews and kitchen sinks, ’cause you’ll be at sea for quite a while. The ranked battles will start on the orthodox christmas eve of 6. January and last until the 17. Febuary. There will be 4 leagues:

Bronze League: Ranks 22 – 16
Silver League: Ranks 15 – 11
Gold League: Ranks 10 – 6
Platinum League: Ranks 5 – 1

Bronze League (grades 22 – 16)
Tiers:  5 and 6
Maps: New Dawn, Fault Line, Break
Advancement: 3 stars per rank
Specials: Ranks 22, 21, 20 and 18 are irrevocable.

Silver League (grades 15 -11)
Tiers: 7 and 8
Maps: Atlantic, Ice Islands, Tierra del Fuego (Fire islands?), Ocean, Split, North and Northern Lights
Advancement: 4 stars per rank
Specials: Ranks 15 and 12 are irrevocable.
Rewards: 3rd season flag

Gold League (grades 10-6)
Tiers: Same as Silver League
Maps: Same as Silver League
Advancement: 5 stars per rank

Platinum League (grades 5-1)
Tiers: Same as Silver League
Maps: Same as Silver League
Advancement: 5 stars per rank
Specials: Supposedly one irrevocable rank, 5th rank?

Russian thread:


Yep, holidays. I am now finally free for a few weeks. This means that the Blogโ„ข will see a sudden increase in activity, with posts coming when I want them to (morning). Think of it as the usual routine, seen this summer. Also, I will finally have time to reduce my huge number of browser tabs (350 at the moment), to a more manageable one.

This means more time for leaks ๐Ÿ™‚ I decided to name my second leaker (the recent leaks come from him) Mr. Flavour, what do you think?

Also, a post reffering to the first month of WordAds earnings will come later today. I am not that happy about the income (30% smaller than expected), but I will not ask for donations anymore. Still, not enough money for those expensive books. Sigh. I have to wait until next month -_-

New German WoT Blog

Just wanted to inform the German readers (I know you are many), that there is a Deutsche WoT blog that started to be more active recently, and that is

It may not be the first at posting stuff (like me or the Polish friends), but it is an interesting place and resource. Maybe it will grow in the future ๐Ÿ™‚

Blog Sharing Day – December

I may seem a little desperate for views but the blog needs to be known about. I know the last days were not full of leaks and cool posts (except the Polish tankette which I adore), but I try to provide as much as I can (and find). You can notice that the Q&A material has improved too (many thanks to Vlad for this).

Anyway, I plan on discouraging donations in a few weeks. (not entirely disabling them, just making the donate button A LOT more smaller, effectively saving space)

So yeah. I think that if you share the blog (especially on rival sites ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) it helps me a lot more than any donation.

One thing is certain: TAP will continue no matter what and that our voice will be heard, providing info with much less useless content than other sources. I love doing this and it fits me (being hyperactive makes me post fast).

See ya later!

PS: Got a 10 (maximum grade) at the English exam ๐Ÿ˜€

Q&A 1st December 2015

– the developers acknowledge that the gameplay on the “Stalingrad” map has problems;

– to players questioning the buff of all of the tier VIII MT in regard of no buff for the Type 59 the devs suggest not to forget the beneficial MM;

– the problem occuring to some players with the display of the visual representation of the landscape has its source in lack of RAM;

– players are complaining about the nerf of personal reserves and income in the “Steel hunt” mode, however nothing was touched in either. Storm: “While putting together the patchnotes, I personally checked the tasks. The problem of “my income was nerfed” somehow always happens to some players, so I developed a kind of immunity to such complaints. Statistics will show everything”;

– ;

– many players complain about the uselessness of the patches and as whether the devs consider the wishes of the playerbase at all, read comments and such – yes, reading as well as considering;

– the priority list of the devs, complied from player feedback as well as own desicions: SPG, MM, interface, spotting system;

– Storm’s opinion on the current changes to the game is that the players should stop hating so much – in particular, the removal of recent bugs and the “return” of old “debts”;

– regarding the start of new personal missions – no statement can currently be given;

– regarding the SPG rotation bug, the mouse rotation was fixed with the micropatch, the keyboard rotation however still poses a problem;

– regarding the suggestion that a penetration of the gun/mantlet should knock out the gun, however deal no damage – the simulation of the shell size would eat up too much resources and would cause many “confusing situations”;

– regarding different sounds per caliber on the current test – the pattern is not different from the current, 6 “calibers” for all weapons, this will be expanded in the future;

– regarding the lack of inertia on moving and stopping the tank – after feedback from cybersport players the inertia was cut;

– responding to complaints about giving the cybersport players a separate server – “they are basically a mirror of the experienced playerbase, whcih happens to be the core of the WoT community”;

– the physics test is launched many times to collect many different opinions;

– players have noticed that sometimes after accelerating the tank, it seems impossible to stop it, all controls react except the movement of the tank – that’s because of lags/packet loss, turret control is still visible in the client, but the information does not reach the server;

– players have noticed that on the test client, old versions of the personal missions are displayed, this is because the test server uses an old base version of the client;

– the physics test client has no descriptions of bonuses which give +2% to the gunner – “you shouldn’t look at other features at all on the physics test, since it is patched together from different parts of the client and can have some outdated/scrapped features”;

– players are interested what, if anything, changed from last interation of physics test: SPGs still cannot drift, hills of about 40 degree angle stop 65-tonne-tanks (gif) – “in the provided example the “hill” isn’t 40 degrees, it’s at least 50, the player basically crashed into the hill at speed, so all kinetic energy basically went “into” the “hill. a real-life tank would probably stall after such an impact”;

– flipping tanks over was not removed from the test;

– the acceleration parameters of the tanks are in no case less than the current ones, since the devs used automated as well as manual tests to verify this;

– regarding other bugs on the physics and sound test – “this is the physics and sound test, everything else is not to be paid attention to”;