Technical Difficulties

Unfortunately, my computer decided that it’s a good idea to give me a blue screen every time I turn it on, so today I’m going to fix this.

To all authors: please post. You are needed!



13 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  1. Oh, the ages old enemy, Blue Screen of Death.
    A complete formatting and reinstall should do it, I suggest using Windows 7.
    Best of luck, comrade!

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  2. heres news from NA

    basically WG canceled silver and bronze league. and replaced it with a “league” where anyone can join. and theres not really any prizes…but u get to use league accoutns to play(only in league matches)

    ……is it really a league if anyone can join? isn’t that just….a tournament…..

    either way most bronze teams i know of (and silver) seem to be withdrawing out because this is BS.

    keep stabbing yourself WG……its not helping.
    first new policy changes, and now this.

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    1. maybe the staff think making bad choices is a good choice. or they just trying to kill WoT fast so they bring WoT 2.0 and cash more money? =P


      1. they killing WoT

        literally stabbing it repeatedly. with a rusty, jagged edge knife.

        they’ve already removed the weekly tournaments. and nerfed the gold income from all CW maps. and now destroyed league with a no prize open tournament style.

        its like WG is trying to remove any way for people to earn gold in game. and force us to pay.

        if you have any torches. bring them to NA, cause we need more

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      2. TBH looking at the past couple of months, it really looks like it. Or they are atleast trying to kill the top 5% of players anyway, since they are trying to get rid of competitive play – CW are just gold farms on both EU and NA, tounaments and ranked TB’s are dead on NA aswell I heard, and the Sandbox changes will probably see a lot of good players leave if even some of them are implemented….


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