6 thoughts on “WoT RU: BZ-74-1 In-Game Screenshots

  1. The Famous and Historical(tm) hybrid that was born of a secret deal between Mao’s China and America.

    I don’t mind most fake tanks but this is a bit much.

    1. If this were American it’d be much fatter, heavier and slower.

      I don’t mind this but all other fakes are a bit much.

    2. It’s so obvious they made a Chinese copy of an American hull.
      Where did that theory come from? Your hatred?

      According to this guy, a totally fake tank is worse than a partially fake tank, in a fcking video game.
      May somebody enlighten me what are the differences between them that make one worse than the other?

      1. Oh by saying “they”, I refered to the people working at Lesta, in case someone jump out of nowhere to trash on me for their misunderstanding.

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