WoT: Confirmation of Tier 8 Onslaught

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There is a plan to do an initial “test” of tier 8 Onslaught, with no current plan for a repeat (unless everyone loves it, in which case of course this can change).

This particular version will focus purely on the playstyle of the mode and dynamics of tier 8 with no ranking system in place, and will not be synchronised or related to other seasons of Onslaught.

Vehicle choices will be tech tree and premium, but there will be a list of vehicles that will be unavailable for the mode due to their “unsuitability” for the mode, whether it’s their influence or their vehicle role. This is currently planned to include the BZ-176, but not the bourrasque.

We plan to call it “Onslaught Light” to reflect that this is a one-off casual and fun event, possible for players to grind credits without the usual stress of ranking.

14 thoughts on “WoT: Confirmation of Tier 8 Onslaught

    1. Not gonna happen. Keeping these modes in time-limited events makes them more anticipated.

  1. Will definitely help with accessability and probably with popularity too like it did with Frontline.

    1. This a #1 tanks that shall restricted is bour and bz 176.With all bours in this mode it’s going be even more toxic with modifiers. As long onslaught light ranking rewards are cosmetic rewards, and no lousy new tanks for being lucky reaching ranks or boosted than this ver of mode should move ahead

  2. If WG excludes certain T8 premiums, it would be admission of those tanks as broken. Those tanks have no place in any mode in such broken form. Which is why, I highly doubt WG will restrict any of the toxic/broken tanks like BZ176.

    1. yeah, they will either ban all of the premium and special tanks, or none of them, because there is no way they will just openly admit those fuckups

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