WoT RU: Tier XI Vehicles – Production Has Started

The first four tanks of Tier 11 will belong to three nations: the USSR, the USA, and China.

This year “World of Tanks” will be fourteen years old. All this time, the game was constantly developing – game mechanics were updated, new nations and technology branches were introduced, various game events were launched, and many experiments were carried out.

However, there is something that has remained unchanged – “tens”. The main measure of success for tankers, the most coveted reward and the crown of development of any research branch in the game are the coveted Tier 10 tanks. But that will change soon.

Today, June 5, 2024, we are ready to confirm that Tier 11 tanks will appear in the game next year. Work on creating the first combat vehicles of its kind has begun. The release is scheduled for January 22, 2025.

Be sure to save this page in your bookmarks – all the details about the Tier 11 technology and the development progress will appear here.

next information update 14.06 at 14:00 (Moscow time)

11 thoughts on “WoT RU: Tier XI Vehicles – Production Has Started

  1. Never understood the thinking of WG of straight jacketing themselves by limiting the tech tree to tier ten and roughly up to the early 70s

    1. I mean, there’s tanks from the mid 80’s atm. Tier 11 will probably push into the 90’s

    2. WG limited themselves to not using composite armour, smoothebores, etc.
      Which is why we don’t have the real T-62 (smoothebore) or the T-64 (smoothebore and composite) in-game.

      So if a military designed a vehicle without the WG-restricted technologies in 2024, WG could add it.

    1. Yo chill there Putin. Now, put that T-34-85 back into the museum you found it at.

    1. Well, time to sink that ship of hope then, since WoWS and Мир Танков have the same devs.

  2. So now WG is gonna come up with a “Super maus” for tier 11, or what?
    And then Ratte as tier 12 in 2 years?

  3. I wouldn’t care if Tier 11s only played with Tier 11s (or maybe Tier 10, if the jump to 11 is not huge). Tier 11s SHOULD NOT have -2mm. Also adding more tiers and tanks is not going to revitalize WOT, if all we have to play these 800 tanks is the same tired old single standard Random mode, with small corridor maps since 2011. The game needs more content to play in terms of game modes and new maps, not more tanks at this point.

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