WoT: Unreleased Premium Vehicles in Playtest Client

One of the interesting things we saw during the playtest was that the developers gave the players almost all the equipment that is currently present in the game. Players who take part in the test can roll out interesting tanks into battle like the:

Vz. 55 Gothic Warrior
UDES 03 Alt 3
Object 259A
Object 701
WZ-111 model 6
CS-52 C
A43 BP prototype
VK 65.01 (H)

7 thoughts on “WoT: Unreleased Premium Vehicles in Playtest Client

  1. VK 65.01 (H) is an interesting one : https://tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww2/germany/panzerkampfwagen-vii-vk-65-01/
    Bit of an intermediary between the VK 30.01 (H) (of which it should have the turret) and a Churchill, speed and hull armour (80mm front and probably sides)-wise, but somehow weighing 15 tons more thant the later: wonder where those 15 tons went. (even taking into account German designs weren’t exactly the most weight-efficients.)
    Also am wondering what gun this is. This is visibly not the 75mm L24 originally planned, Can’t be 75mm L43 or 48 (which can be mounted on the 30.01) or 105mm (which was one of the planned options) because no muzzle break, hoping it’s not the 50mm l60. Maybe it’s the planned but never actually produced 75m L40.

    1. There were some rumors about a 7.5cm KWK L/33, however I cannot find any in my books.
      As for the VK 65.01(H) the armor was planned to be 80mm all around, which would explain the high weight. Originally planned gun was the 7.5cm KWK 37 L/24.

      1. it was a proposal to lengthen the 7,5cm Kwk 37 L/24
        there should be something about it in the panzer tracts book that details the VK 30.01(H)
        they did produce a 75mm field canon (7,5cm FK38) with a L/34 barrel and a second one (7,5cm FK16) with a L/36 barrel
        the performance of both was superior to the Kwk 37

  2. Isu 130 was released what are you on about? They sold it already twice.. With the M icon lol

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