WOT Express: New Maps – where?

Remember how WG used to release 2 new random maps a year? Then switched to 1 map. And remember one of the best solutions of map makers – Recon Mission. There were so many good maps there. And once again every 2 years they returned one old map (or transferred to HD what was removed earlier).

But now it’s June 2024 and WoT is setting a record for not adding new maps to the game…
And what can we say about rebalancing and removing current unbalanced maps (Mountain Pass after the changes and Empire’s Border). There are also 2 maps that were simply removed two years ago, although no one asked. And they forgot, as usually happens with WG.

So what is the reason for the lack of new maps and the impotence of map makers regarding map-making over the past 3 years? There are four reasons for this:

1. Some map makers (including good ones) left WG for other European companies.
2. Most of the map makers and their resources have been transferred to the development of locations for the game Project CW (Cold War).
3. For over a year now, various features (and even entire mechanics) have been specially cut from updates in order to fill out patch 2.0 World of Tanks (2025).
4. “Smart” management and incorrect planning and prioritization.

11 thoughts on “WOT Express: New Maps – where?

  1. You don’t need to tell us. We know.
    Plus the maps are detailed from something like 10 years ago 🤦🏼‍♂️

    1. As soon we saw the armored patrol comments about 2 map being removed. This person def Russian bafloon

  2. So a combination of lack of technical expertise and manpower, poor development decisions, and priority being shifted from World of Tanks to other cash cows is responsible for WoT map development being virtually dead.

  3. If WOT 2.0 is real, and it comes without a proper new game mode, after 13+ years of release of WOT, then fuck this game. I am not playing more turbo Randoms with a new paint job for another 10 years.

  4. Creating new maps doesn’t make money, and lately WG is only looking for immediate money. There is little business imagination, and they do not have ideas that will provide them with long-term benefits. Expired business philosophies.

  5. Its true we need much more maps I like to play in winter proho (arcade cabinet), or was good to see in ebr race El Halluf as summer map. U dont need to recreate existing maps, just give us more…

    1. They could just rotate the actual map and starting positions – randomly. That should happen and fuck up ,50%+ players 🤣

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