WOT Express: World of Tanks 2.0 Rumours

Since last year, Wargaming has been developing World of Tanks 2.0 (Huge update called “None”).

For the first time this became known to a narrow circle of people in the winter of this year.

Will this be the last update for this game? Correction ±25, modern tanks, European nations, self-propelled guns, dynamic landscape, interesting maps? So many questions and so few answers. But they will.

Release: 2025.

11 thoughts on “WOT Express: World of Tanks 2.0 Rumours

  1. I doubt that
    Many players use very low specs machines
    If they release something runing on those same fps, it will be a great deal
    If the update has a big impact on the machine, players will leave and not come back even if they can afford to update

    1. They are posting the same bait that was miraculously deleted from youtube right before the premier of the video was supposed to happen?

  2. Isn’t this the shitty project x that nobody is interested in except if your 13 years old ??

  3. imagine paying wot express for this kind of post, literally says nothing but “what if” fantasies

    1. What do you expect from that Ukrainian propagandist bitch based in the US

    2. 100% he lost contacts when WG split and Lesta took over. As after that, that’s more or less what he does. What if WG did this, what if WG relased this tank then vs now? What if…

  4. Wait we know this rumours but what if they release a patch that called 2.0?
    Like t11 – modern tanks, maps with random events, dynamic map (what they want to test)
    I mean we are in patch 1.25. They can say easy hello there is 2.0 what they did with the “rubicorn 1.0” update (yeah it was a complete fail) bur who knows

    (I know lesta anounced t11 for next year but wg and lesta are split up for 2 years? And those tank models, planing time for some huge change like t11 need time, more than 2 years … i means its basicly wg xD)

    So i wouldnt say its a “new” game … i would say the biggest update in wot history to make the version 2.0

    And project cw a complete diffrent game to wg is launching too

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