WOT Express: The Future of Onslaught Mode

It is obvious that the developers will not leave Onslaught! Moreover, the developers like the mode itself (they play it and even compete with each other there), regardless of the claims of the players themselves.

Next When Onslaught launches, some changes will be made (major):
• Battles will take place only on Tier 8 vehicles;
• The duration of the season (launch) has been reduced;
• Rewards will remain the same.

This will not even be a season, but some kind of test launch (internal formulation).

If the “test run” goes ahead, the seasons themselves may change into a more permanent form, as was done with Frontline (launches less than a season in time, with minor changes from the last launch or no changes at all). But these are only early options for the development of the regime for the future.
As a result, everything can remain as it is now, just with minor modifications (if the “test launch” does NOT work for the players).
New tank for Onslaught – no earlier than 2025


10 thoughts on “WOT Express: The Future of Onslaught Mode

  1. “competitive” play in tier 8? the most unbalanced tier in videogame history? sure lmao

  2. Tier 8 cOmPeTiTiVe mode =))))))))))))))))
    If premium tanks are allowed then it’ll be Skoda T56 / BZ-176 & Bourrasque vs. themselves.
    If premium tanks are banned then it’ll be only Tiger II & T32 vs. T32 & Tiger II =))))))))))))))

    I’ve never been laughing this hard =)))))))))))))))))

    1. It is only logical to assume only tech tree tanks will be allowed to play, since even now u have reward tanks forbidden in X onslaught. I wouldnt be poisonous about this.

  3. I have a feel this article is about Lesta and Mir Tankov. Because in their game Frontline as well as Steel Hunter are permanent modes (as Onslaught is suggested to become a permanent – as Frontline)

    1. Really? they made FL permanent on LESTA? Fuck… I have been hoping for it from WG forever…

    1. Unfortunately, if Onslaught is played at level 8 it will be for premium tanks…….
      BZ, project, bourrasque, LIS……. as for FL this mode was created for them………

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