WoT: Preload Update 1.25 Right Now!

We’ll soon bring some improvements to your favorite game through Update 1.25. Get a head start and download the patch right now, so you don’t have to wait for patch release day!

It will be 1.16 GB (SD version) or 1.31 GB (HD version). Check the “Download updates in advance” box in your Wargaming.net Game Center settings and click Save to apply the changes.

Find out how to enable preload on WGC and get answers to commonly asked questions on our dedicated page via the button below.


6 thoughts on “WoT: Preload Update 1.25 Right Now!

      1. Eh, is it really just a map change or two and a new premium we will get eventually?… IG all updates are drastically different in regards to content

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