WoT: Operation Overlord – Storm Normandy Beach in a New PvE Mode!

(“Operation Overlord is a single-player battle scenario…”)

From June 6 through July 4, experience the historically inspired Operation Overlord PvE mode and join the iconic Normandy landings. Dedicated to the 80th anniversary of D-Day, the largest amphibious operation in military history, this single-player combat scenario immerses you in the pivotal events of June 6, 1944. Fight alongside AI-controlled Battle Pass Season XIV characters, breach the Atlantic Wall, complete objectives, defeat enemies, and earn valuable rewards.

Operation Overlord

From June 6, 2024 at 04:00 (CESTthrough July 4, 2024 at 04:00 (CEST)

To provide the best performance and enhance your gameplay experience during the event, we’ll launch additional servers: EU5 and EU6. These servers will be available for a limited time and will help avoid any possible player queues or server issues.

Mode Objectives

Operation Overlord is a single-player battle scenario inspired by the real historical events of D-Day during World War II. As part of a team of AI-driven allies, you fight against computer-controlled enemies.

  • To help you get started, your first objective is to break through the coastal defenses and minefields. Secure the beachhead by targeting and destroying coastal bunkers, suppressing enemy positions, and breaching fortified defenses to enable the landing of Allied forces.
  • Work with your AI-driven allies to ensure mission success.

Difficulty Levels and Missions

  • The mode has two difficulty levels: Regular and Rigorous, with missions yielding different rewards for each level. Both levels are available from the start, allowing you to select the degree of challenge that best suits your preference.
  • Each difficulty has three missions: the first is available on June 6, while the other two remain locked until June 13, when all three become available.
  • The second and third missions mirror the first one but with added challenges to enhance your gameplay experience.

Each difficulty level in Operation Overlord has several simple objectives: win a battle or win a battle with additional conditions. By completing missions on Rigorous difficulty, you also receive corresponding Regular difficulty rewards automatically.

Core Gameplay and Unique Features

Each operation is intuitive and straightforward: Rush forward, follow navigation markers, and destroy enemies and coastal bunkers on sight. Here are some highlights and unique play mechanics of the mode:

  • Event Map: Battles will unfold on the special Omaha map. It is enriched with many details and interactive objects to replicate the atmosphere of the Normandy landings.
  • Combat Vehicle: You will head into battle in the legendary VIM4A3E8 Sherman .
  • Unique Features:
    • Battleship Support: Surprise enemies by using your shell tracers to help the USS Frankford target enemy bunkers on the fog-covered beach.
    • Smoke Signals: Available after disabling enemy anti-aircraft defenses, use these to mark targets like enemy fortifications and vehicles for allied battleships.
  • Minefields: The coastline area is littered with mines, so move carefully! You have a unique support vehicle on your side, however: the Sherman Crab to help you and your allies to navigate the buried explosives.


Each difficulty level only has one mission available at the start of the event, with additional missions and extra rewards active from June 13. The reward pool includes:

  • Credits
  • Bonds
  • Free XP
  • Battle Pass Points

2D Styles and Camo

Rewards also include two stunning all-season 2D styles and two cool camos inspired by the events of D-Day.

Once you complete all missions on Rigorous difficulty, you will also receive the commemorative Overlord Veteran medal.

Good luck on the sandy beaches of Normandy, Commanders! Complete historically inspired missions and earn unique styles alongside other rewards!

5 thoughts on “WoT: Operation Overlord – Storm Normandy Beach in a New PvE Mode!

  1. Still too bad WG is not able to provide a PVE mode where the player can use the tanks they have in garage. Say UK & US tier (5 and) 6 tanks. When a player has none and then Easy8 Sherman is provided.

    The major limitation of the PVE mode would then be that it does NOT provide any gains (rewards) that can be (ab)used towards randoms.

    This would have been IMO the correct way to have developed a PVE mode.

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