“The Indestructible Armor” Tournament (P)

All fans of the World of Tanks game can still sign up for the “Indestructible Armor” tournament organized by the CYBERHERO esports platform. The total prize fund for the tournament is nearly $22.000. If you enjoy esports and want a chance to win a prize, this is a great opportunity. The tournament promises exciting gameplay and intense rivalry. Players from all over are expected to join. So, get ready for an event. Make sure to register as soon as possible and prepare your skills for a chance to win. If you want to bet on World of Tanks, the best platform to do this is GGBet. It’s a reliable betting site with plenty of betting options, great bonuses, and fast withdrawals.

Information to Know

The tournament fights start on June 15 and 16, and it’s free to join. There are two types of matches – team battles with 7 players on each side (7×7) and single-player battles (1×1). There are 8 open qualifying rounds for both types of matches. After the open qualifiers, the closed qualifiers begin. They are played using the Swiss system. This means that players compete in several rounds and are matched against others with similar records. Matches in the closed qualifiers are played as Best of 3 (BO3) or Best of 5 (BO5). This means that the winner is the first who wins 2 or 3 rounds, respectively.

At the end of the closed qualifiers, 8 best teams will advance to the finals. The finals use a Double Elimination bracket. This means a team has to lose twice to be out of the tournament. Matches in the finals will be Best of 5 (BO5) or Best of 7 (BO7), so the winner needs to win 3 or 4 rounds, respectively. So, fans of the WoT game, get ready for intense and exciting battles!

The prize fund:

7×7 FORMAT – nearly $22.000 1×1 FORMAT – $1.100
1-st pl. Nearly $10.000 Nearly $450
2-nd pl. Nearly $ 5.500 Nearly $340
3-rd pl. Nearly $ 3.500 Nearly $210
4-th pl. Nearly $3.000 Nearly $100

The “Indestructible Armor” Tournament will definetely become an exciting and thrilling event for esports fans. The matches will start on June 15 and 16. Participation is free. So, it’s a great opportunity for both team players and solo competitors. The tournament offers two formats: team battles (7×7) and single-player duels (1×1) to ensure a variety of thrilling gameplay.

There will be 8 open qualification rounds followed by closed qualifiers where the Swiss system is used. The players will face numerous challenges to advance. The top 8 teams will then move on to the finals, which use a Double Elimination bracket to ensure only the best teams emerge victorious. Matches in the finals will be played as Best of 5 or Best of 7, adding to the excitement.

No matter whether you’re an experienced player or new to the esports arena, the “Indestructible Armor” Tournament offers a chance to demonstrate your skills, and potentially win big money. So, don’t miss out on this thrilling event!

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