How to Get +1000 Gold From World of Warplanes

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There is currently an event in World of Warplanes from which you can get 1000+ gold for playing(you can get 2k until the event finishes in WOWP, but 1000 before the trade-in goes away). Gold is shared between games. But to participate in the event you will need a tier 4 plane of each class and play some games

+ You don’t need all the classes to get gold, you get 100 gold per class, meaning you can get 500 gold at 1 phase of each stage (meaning 1000 gold for 1 weekend, and the event lasts until the 2nd of June.)

Link to the event:

5 thoughts on “How to Get +1000 Gold From World of Warplanes

  1. Haha how desperate. The game was dead on arrival. Told them at beta and fanboys cried I was wrong.

    Guess who’s laughing now.

    WG is deeply ashamed of the game and don’t advertise it.

  2. I didn’t think this game was still around??
    They should just add it to world of warships

  3. This tip for free gold is 3 weeks late. The Event will have its 4th and last stage this week. Each stage allowed max 1000 gold, so max 4K gold was possible. Each week has two stages, giving 500 gold per stage. It takes around 2-3 hours to finish each stage, specially if you are new, have shitty planes and pilots. But its really just about spamming more games if you are bad and you would still get it.

    You can also make a few Unique Supply Crates over weekends, and they can also drop some gold (among other stuff).

  4. I finished it, just playing easy marathons, getting boxes, free experience and gold every month, and the amounts have been exaggerated, you put both games to the limit of everything, in a very very short time, it seems good to me that they start advising other players, in my clan there are many doing it for years.

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