17 thoughts on “Is World of Tanks Dying?

    1. I literally don’t understand people who say WG will kill WoT in 2025. WG is a company aiming to make money. WoT is their current moneymachine responsible for more than 50% of their revenue. Just why? And how?

      1. dump doesnt mean shut down servers but they will stop investing in more time and effort aka new maps events etc their human resources will focus on finding new money making machine because obviously they are failed to attract new players and the matchmaking is worse than ever so eventually existing players will leave thats what numbers say.. they as a smart company they must plan ahead less resources towards wot and keep milking playerbase untill no more

        1. want to be clear they will enter maintanance period many old popular online games still exist for the sake of existing but dead inside tell me will u play wot when nothing new happens and MM ques are longer and MM quality is shit thats what gonna happen

            1. Yes stage 1 – milk players as much as you can and providing very little in return – win!

        2. They’re looking for a new money-making machine for about 8 years now. Non of them risen even close to the levels of WoT and many of them (WoWS, WoWP, Blitz…) is literally a spinoff of WoT itself. The problem is market penetration. Winding down WoT and migrating the playerbase is not the point. The oint would be to get players whom aren’t currently playing/paying Wargaming products. There are multiple line of tanks in developement, new maps, rebalance of new maps, new mechanics. We just had the announcement of Crew 2.0 v 3.0 on sandbox, the best iteration so far, addressing most of the issues the old system has and the previous 2.0 iteration had. It just doesn’t look like there is a single spec of evidenc supporting the fact the game will bi winded down.

  1. This game started to decline, at least on the NA server, when they started to bundle gold and other stuff and market it as a “sale.” The issue was that these bundles cost more then buying the stuff individually. The player base would comment on this and even provide the gold cost break down to let players know if this was something worthwhile to purchase or not.

    They even went to the lengths to explain let these bundles didn’t qualify as a sale in that there was no real discount. I guess in Europe you pay more then normally in a “sale” which I suppose WG never fully understood. But I digress. Eventually they banned the forum threads that were attached to these “sales.”

    The second decline occurred when WG moved away from them model of researching tech tree tanks and winning battles. This simplicity is what made the game so popular and fun. Of course, WG moved away from this model and introduced events and new mods and other stuff to keep players to constantly keep playing.

    The problem was that there was some event always going and that fear of missing out would keep players playing far too much which would cause burn out. This constant grind with no breaks for the players turned this game from fun to unfortunately feeling like a job.

    And finally nail is that time when Jingles, Rita (always having a mental breakdown) and other community contributors went on an on unholy pilgrimage to Cyprus to air their grievances to WG in the vain hope that things would turn around. Of course nothing was done, but I suppose we the players are at fault for allowing WG’s bad behavior. After all, we continue to play this mediocre and broken game. Truly sad because it had the potential to become something truly unique and amazing and it’s just stagnate at this point.

  2. WoT has many problems that have never been addressed and have, in fact, worsened over the years.

    Premium ammo ruins this game (both on its own and as a balancing factor) and should’ve never been sold for credits (let alone been in the game), WG’s dumbass focus on Pankov’s “arms race” powercreep and eventual shift of said “arms race” to exclusively concern premiums has made the majority of tanks obsolete and fully embraced pay2play, maps are all the same (couple corridors with no room for maneuvering plus one death zone in the middle) and are too effing small, and the focus is not researching techtrees but speeding through them as quickly as possible and then playing secondary game modes while random is left to rot.

    It’s mid-2024 and I still believe WoT started its decline seven years ago when WG introduced Defender and WZ-120-1G FT. I also believe absolutely nothing will change for the better until people keep filling WG’s coffers.

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8a4N9BkwM8

    Who is this click-baiting YouTuber-style person who has enabled effects in sniper mode?

    Although he’s not particularly wrong, lootbox and tank assembly nonsense gets on my nerves sometimes. Too much of everything is harmful.

    There are also other factors, like the special operation that started in 2022. Also, there is that particular human experiment with stings and some yellow papers that they can now wipe their asses with. All this is causing harm, and God knows how many tankers will not play again.

    That is just my opinion; I could be wrong.

  4. Copying and pasting YT videos with no additional added substance or opinions. This is laughable

  5. i dont know what you people fear so much. SEA server is pretty fucking dead. yet its still running.

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