WoT: New Rewards in Season 14 of The Battle Pass

The future BP season is non-standard and will differ from traditional seasons.

This season of the Battle Pass celebrates the 80th anniversary of the Normandy landings, known in many countries as D-Day. The main rewards for completing the pass are three premium Tier VI vehicles, each of which has a unique appearance inspired by Allied vehicles of the time: Churchill Crocodile, M4A3(76)W Sherman and Char de transition .

The BP will be divided as usual into 3 chapters of 50 lvl:
• Keep calm
• May justice prevail
• Liberation

Thus, at lvl 50 of each chapter, a tier 6 themed premium tank with a built-in 3D style will be waiting for you. And there will be no progressive 3D styles at tier 10 in BP-14.

This is the first experimental version of the Battle Pass, where premium equipment will be given as a final reward. Each tank in 3 chapters is a copy of the tech tree variants’ top configuration.

The season will also be associated with the Operation Overlord mode.

10 thoughts on “WoT: New Rewards in Season 14 of The Battle Pass

  1. they are premium tanks or just regullar like char futur premium tanks
    if they do not make credits they are worthless

    1. they are suposed to be premium but take it with a grain of salt, is wg what we are talking about

    1. The problem is they cant keep doing that or they going run out of ideas or simply becomes repetitive on their end

      1. They don’t have to do it all the time. There’s about four BP per year – we could have two generic ones, a “historical” one themed after important World War 2 events, and a silly one for an unrelated IP like Warhammer. Or even three generic, one historical, and those “special” 10-days chapters themed after foreign IPs.

  2. Now imagine WG being sooo greedy to put the tier 6 premiums in the Improved Pass at lvl 50! Would be simply hilarious!

  3. nooooo
    I thought it was BP skins for these tanks
    RIP ARL 44 as my favorite tank getting a 3D style

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