WoT: Details of The “Operation Overlord” Event

The event will be tied to Stories (PvE missions as part of the player’s training). You will control the M4A3E8 Sherman and, together with the support of the allies Great Britain and France, will carry out the landing in Normandy.

The event will use new mechanics, which are described below. Sherman Crab is a minesweeper with chains attached to the front to clear mines.

The event will also have 2 difficulties, different types of rewards and replayability.

Event description:

This story marks the 80th anniversary of the Allied landings in Normandy, also known as Operation Overlord. Pay tribute to the heroes who paid the ultimate price to liberate Europe and end World War II.

This epic story pits you against AI opponents alone. Meet and recruit tankers from Season XIV of the Battle Pass, harness the full might of the US Navy and RAF, avoid minefields, and destroy concrete bunkers!

Complete all objectives and receive a commemorative medal, camouflage patterns created in honor of the heroism of Allied soldiers during the Normandy landings in 1944, and other valuable rewards.

As the mission progresses, you will need to destroy mid-tier German tanks, as well as bunkers with different calibers of guns.

A few excerpts from the event:
– A smoke signal marks the territory for the battleship’s guns, which cause damage to enemy vehicles and other objects located there.
– The coastal bunker has been destroyed.
– The battleship is ready to fire.
– Find a way to destroy the coastal bunkers.
– Use smoke signals to help the battleship.

The mission will take place according to the following scenario:
– Survive on the beach (Avoid enemy fire at all costs)
– Break through enemy defenses (Destroy coastal bunkers N)
– Climb up (Get to the defense of enemy anti-aircraft batteries and destroy it)
– Help your allies break through the defenses (Neutralize enemy defenses in sector D6)
– Help Captain Dubois (Neutralize enemy defenses in sector H6)
– Protect the fleet (Destroy coastal cannons N)
– Clear the area (Destroy the remaining opponents N)
– Hold positions (Destroy enemy vehicles N)

Apparently, this is not the last such mission and we expect more PvE events in the future.

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