WoT RU 1.26 Common Test Second Iteration

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Lesta Games accounts created before April 17, 23:59 (Moscow time) or after the start of the current iteration of the general test can participate in testing.

Welcome to the second general test of update 1.26 , available until April 23, 23:00 (Moscow time) !

We continue testing the content discussed in this article . An excellent opportunity for those who missed it or did not have time to find out what awaits us in the game.

Vehicle Changes

All values ​​indicated are valid for testing purposes only and are subject to change.

ISU-152 St. John’s wort

  • The damage caused by the 53-G-530 shell of the 152 mm ML-20S gun has been changed from 700 to 750;
  • The damage caused by the 53-OF-530M shell of the 152 mm ML-20S gun has been changed from 1000 to 1050;
  • The damage caused by the 53-BP-540 shell of the 152 mm ML-20S gun has been changed from 700 to 750.


Other changes

Maneuvers: The Path to Victory

A tab with goods for the future clan event in the Strongholds has appeared in the in-game store. Purchase of goods is not available.

Fixes and improvements

  • The display of objects on the minimap of the “Time of Heroes” event has been fixed.
  • Fixed the problem of incorrect reproduction of the sound of a tank engine running after using the “Full Throttle” ability.
  • Fixed the display of historical information in the hangar of the “Assembly Shop” event for a screen resolution of 1024×768.

Known Issues

  • “Time of Heroes”:
    • Graphical inaccuracies in some notifications, as well as when using the special “Stormtrooper Raid” feature;
    • Incorrect display of the statistics block if a vehicle is destroyed by a restricted zone or an artillery battery salvo;
    • Incorrect display of discounts for the purchase of the T-34-85M tank.

  • “Assembly shop”:
    • Graphical inaccuracies on the purchase screen, including when rotating the camera around the SU-122 (1956);
    • The tank designer may display tracks incorrectly on some screens.
  • “Steel Hunter”: the animation of the appearance of the combat mission flag may not be reproduced correctly;
  • Some graphic elements in the hangar may not display correctly.

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