WoT: Unreleased Tanks

In folders related to the game, interesting finds were discovered. We’re talking about the cache folder inside the in-game store, which loads images onto the computer so that the store can load faster later on.

And it was there that tanks were discovered that were never released:
• T-46-5 – the tank icon was leaked back in 2012, and the tank itself was present in the first version of the development tree of USSR.

• KV-4 Mikhailov – it is known that this tank was in a special version of the supertest before 1.0 was released on the basis. The tank has not been tested by testers.
• Object 279 is the same 279, the model of which we have shown more than once. It was exactly the same in the special supertest client version 1.0. Now completely Spanish in the new game from WG – Project CW 2025. It won’t be in the WoT game.
• T25 Pilot Freedom – a special version of T25 Pilot Number 1. All from the same client.

Also present there was technology that had only a slightly different appearance. It is noteworthy that these tanks were tested before such icons began to be drawn and used. Accordingly, these are fairly new images. However, the chance of releasing these unreleased tanks in WoT is practically 0%.

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  1. The T-46-5 what I believe was Russias first “shell proof tank” and was one of the developments that lead to the T-34. It’s STC was never adopted.

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