WoT RU: Trading Caravan

April 22 19:00 (MSK) – APRIL 28 23:59 (MSK)

Special game assets for every taste: premium equipment, cool 2D and 3D styles, combat missions and much more!

Let’s go, tankers! Everyone will definitely find something useful and valuable for themselves!

What can you get?

And this is always a surprise , because the sets drop out randomly. Products may include:

  • goods for 1 credit :
  • premium tanks for rent for days and battles, as well as forever ;
  • 3D styles , including “Rhyolite” for the IS-7, “Tramontana” for the Panhard EBR 105, “Pike” for the IS-3, etc.;
  • 2D styles , including the completely new “Shamrock” and “Stone Heart” ;
  • combat missions for a random premium tank;
  • as well as Premium account days, equipment, pre-battle instructions and personal reserves.

Please note: some special sets have limited quantities!

Every day at 21:00 (Moscow time), the number of sets with the above premium tanks for 1 credit will be replenished, regardless of whether they were sold out or not.  Don’t be upset if you see that the most profitable Trading Caravan sets are sold out. Come back after 21:00 (Moscow time)! 


Click on the “Trading Caravan” banner in the hangar or on the event banner in the in-game store.

You will see the bundle currently available for purchase. You can use the offer immediately or move it to Saved. Remember: by saving a set, you help increase the discount on it.

At any time, the proposed set can be replaced for credits or game event tokens.

In the upper left corner you can find the “Remaining Sets” block, where all the “Trading Caravan” sets are displayed.

Not enough event tokens? Using the “Buy Tokens” button, you can go to the in-game store to replenish your supplies.


April 20 16:00 (MSK) – APRIL 28 23:59 (MSK)

something here

How to get a token:
Special sets with tokens await you in the in-game store. And remember: the more tokens in a set, the greater the discount.

For completing special combat missions you can receive many useful rewards, including event tokens.

Tank secret unlocked : tokens are most profitable to buy in sets with discounts.

After the event ends, unused tokens will be automatically converted into credits.

Cost of 1 token depending on the set:
5% discount – 95,000 credits

10% discount –90,000 credits

20% discount – 80,000 credits


From April 20 to April 28, special tasks will be available to you. They are executed sequentially, one after another. Complete them and collect valuable rewards, including game event tokens.


Go to the event section through the entry point in the lower right corner of the screen or look for it in the in-game store, in the “Best” section.

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