WoT RU: Start of Ranked Battles on Tier VII Vehicles

Main features of Ranked Battles

Play in the familiar mode, but this time on Tier VII vehicles!

The information is relevant only for testing purposes.

Tier VII vehicles

Battles take place only on Tier VII vehicles according to the rules of Standard Battle, but in the format of 10×10 players and the battle duration is 10 minutes.

Features of experience accrual

The experience awarded for destroying a vehicle is subject to a reduction factor depending on the damage you dealt to that particular vehicle during the battle. The role-playing experience system, which is taken into account in the final values, additionally rewards effective players if, in addition to effective play, they also correctly play the role of their car.

Player progression

A ranked career consists of three divisions of six ranks each.


For each rank you achieve, you will receive experimental equipment or pre-battle instructions, and for the last rank, improved equipment.

More about the awards

For completing all 18 ranks:

  • Fire control system ×3
  • Mobility Improvement system ×3
  • Survival Improvement Complex ×3
  • Wear-Resistant Gun Laying Drive ×1
  • Orderly Ammo Rack ×50
  • Vent Purge ×50
  • Optical Calibration ×50
  • Stabilizer Greasing ×50

16 thoughts on “WoT RU: Start of Ranked Battles on Tier VII Vehicles

  1. and again theyve done smt good for their players. WoT EU pls have a look and take it as an example…

    1. Wargaming is shit man
      they are the average milking cow mentality
      dogshit company compared to the other
      sadly the best part of the game left when it split

    2. Once again wot ru have not gotten any big changes like a and eu did. Anyone that keep supporting wot ru who funds the war should not exist

    3. WG doesn’t compute what isn’t loot boxes and power escalation, of course they would not develop a game mode that isn’t random battles for tanks below Tier 10.

  2. WG in EU will sell more lootbox because the playierd will more lootboxes. The dont wont anything else.

  3. What do we have on EU?

    Nothing exciting except endless random battles and loot boxes

    This is why I don’t play anyone…

  4. Just reminder that we have Russian players in EU servers and many of them that saying “WOT RU” is better are probably Russian even if they are trolling on comments ..sadly supports Putin War through World of Tanks Russia

    WOT NA/EU had more big changes than WOT RU…had….seem WOT RU struggling to release big changes

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