WoT Blitz: Economy Changes to Tank Restoration

The system for recovering sold collectors and premium tanks for gold has been super user-friendly for a long while. Players have been parting with their treasures, injecting free gold into the game’s economy and, unintentionally, tilting the economic.

As some of you might have noticed, we’ve been transitioning premium tanks to collectors. As a result, Garages are getting more crowded with them, and the problem is only growing. To keep the game’s economy healthy, we’re adjusting the prices for reclaiming any premium and collectors tanks in the next update—they’ll be double the selling price.
Previously: you could sell tanks for 50% of their value and buy them back at 100% for researchable tanks, 60% for premiums, and 50% for collectors.
Going forward: you’ll be able to sell tanks for 50% of their value and repurchase them at 100% for all vehicle types.
✔️ Tanks sold before the next update can still be repurchased once at the current prices.

Edit: there have been some confusing answers about the “restoration of tanks by support” question. Let me clarify: We are not removing this feature at this time. Plans might change in the future

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