WoT Express: Prime Gaming Partnership Ending

Previously, on a call with Amazon, it became known that the current #54 Turtlemania set for March 2024 will be the last within this multi-year promotion.

Whether the promotion (collaboration) is terminated temporarily or forever – I don’t know.

Be sure to grab the currently available 3 latest packs from Prime Gaming and WOT. This is one of the longest and coolest promotions in the game with unique content!

#52 “Big Snatch” set (January 2024) will no longer be available in 1 day! Deadline: until April 15, 2024. After this time, you will not be able to connect it in any other way.


14 thoughts on “WoT Express: Prime Gaming Partnership Ending

    1. And what if this isn’t WG’s decision but Amazon’s?
      Sure you are mentally strong enough to call Amazon “bloody” as well?
      You can do it, be a man/woman etc…!

      1. Wot express Russian bias also said Bz176 on sale and game is closing just to Russia trolls

      2. does it even matter? are you dumb or what? it is related to wg somewhat… bloody fucktard wg fan gay

        1. FYI amazon is ending this prime stuff not only with WG but with other game companies aswell I get ur anger at WG and their latest direction but this is on amazon…

          1. Beside some of
            Amazon has been cutting operations cost and they are not Done…Armor Patrol and WoTExpress need to stop adding extra information to feed Russian Trolls on comments

        2. Pisser, it is related to telling the truth and naming the one who is responsible.
          Keep your “WG is the only evil” picture, stupid people will always exists anyway.
          If WG is the bad guy, I will name this as well, but not if they are not.
          Understood? (I doubt)

          1. It is funny how many wg fan gays on armoredpatrol lol (or they are employee x2lol) this game is shit because of you fan gays take whatever retarded wg brings to you without criticizing them. Keep doing that please! (Maybe wg pays for social media trolls to defend them LOL)

            1. I dont know whats your point John, but its not defending WG. Its a fact that Amazon ended the collab, not WG. In this case you need and have to blame Amazon lol

                1. In a general yes. But what do you mean with “not just this prime gaming thingy”? That still sounds like you blame WG for that. Which is wrong since Amazon just ended every collaboration with every company. Amazon earns way more money and is even more greedy than WG lol

    2. Amazon ended the collab. Same with every other game. Seems like Prime Gaming stuff will be shut down in the future

    3. This is not on WG. Amazon has already said they have plans to kill the program. And most games I got rewards from already have halted their rewards months ago. So I’m surprised WG did keep at it longer.

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