WoT Supertest: Leichter Kpz. 70 (K)

The Leichter Kpz. 70 (K) is a Tier VIII Premium German light tank with a unique look.

Equipped with a hydropneumatic suspension, it can achieve an outstanding -17 degrees of gun depression, a significant improvement on the standard -10 degrees. With its extremely low profile, it’s ideal for passive scouting and will become almost invisible in the right hands.

The tank’s view range is limited to 380 meters, so adding a Binocular Telescope can significantly enhance its performance. If you tire of sitting in the bushes, you can rely on its good maneuverability and a top speed of 60 km/h. The Leichter Kpz. 70 (K) can swiftly change flanks and perform as an active scout as well.

This tank is equipped with a 90 mm gun, which deals 240 HP of damage per shot and has 190 mm of armor penetration with a standard shell, while also having high-penetrating HE shells that can pierce up to 105 mm of armor. All this can help you easily deal with enemy light tanks and lightly armored foes. On top of that, Leichter Kpz. 70 (K) has a quick two-second aiming time, which provides enough agility for this scout to quickly aim, shoot, and escape return fire.

11 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Leichter Kpz. 70 (K)

  1. Too bad, they killed it. Bad view range and camo means not much spotting, while bad DPM means not much damage either. It is unique, but for what effect? Collectors’ only I say!

  2. Seems the gimmick is going to be the -17 degrees of gun depression combined with the very small turret which should make it hard to hit on ridgelines, beyond those this tank doesn’t seem to have nothing special going for it.

    Unfortunately being a light tank at Tier 8 is pretty miserable with LT-432 and EVEN 90 existing.

    1. WG won’t put any effort in improving map design, the standard of “two corridors and one death zone in the middle” suits them as it helps heavy tanks while keeping more mobile tanks in check. If all maps were like Sand River, medium tanks and light tanks would dominate the game.

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