WoT RU Supertest: Winter Themed Klostertal Map

On other servers, it was playable in a summer setting last time during the 2022 Reconnaissance Missions Event called as “Klostertal”.

Winter setting, river added.
Size 1000×1000
Winter city map.

2022 flyover video of it:

Карта: «Кассель» («Kassel») | Режим Разведка боем 2022 | СупертестКарта: «Кассель» («Kassel») | Режим Разведка боем 2022 | Супертест

The map is suitable for both slow and well-armored vehicles and dynamic vehicles.
It is convenient for heavy equipment to conduct positional battles in urban areas.
At the same time, the open, hilly terrain will allow dynamic vehicles with good declination angles to realize their potential.

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