Recon Mission Is Coming Back With Six Maps!

The last time we offered the Recon Mission mode, we saw how many of you joined in and became actively involved. In fact, more than two million tankers played the mode, and well over one million of you completed the questionnaire. We’re very grateful for your input, and, to show our appreciation, we have some good news: Recon Mission will be returning soon for two whole weeks.

Recon Mission 2022

June 13, 2022, at 14:00 CEST through June 27, 2022, at 01:00 CEST (UTC+2)

More time means more opportunities to try out all SIX map prototypes, which will each be available from the very start. Based on your feedback, we’ve included three improved prototypes of the maps from the previous iteration (CanyonAirshipyard, and Far East). The other three (AnykeyyevkaAquila, and Klostertal) are entirely new.

Your favorite map from the previous round (based on player votes), the Outpost map, has officially “graduated” Recon Mission and is almost completely ready, gameplay-wise. We just need to add some finishing touches to its visuals before it enters Random Battles in September 2022. Here’s how the release version of Outpost will look:

The second most liked map, Oyster Bay, will be the next in our pipeline. It should hit Random Battles around the beginning of 2023.

Recon Mission: The Basics

  • Getting there: You can access the Recon Mission mode via the mode selector, a special window in your Garage, and the Missions interface.
  • The rules: Recon Mission is played 15v15 in Tier VIII–X vehicles by Standard Battle rules only. The map is randomly chosen from the pool of six prototypes.
  • The questionnaire: This will become available for each new map once you’ve entered the top 12 by base XP in six battles played on that map. Make sure to complete as many Recon Mission map questionnaires as you can to help shape the game’s future!
  • Participation pays off: Getting into the top 12 by base XP in a Recon Mission battle will add to your progression bar. To win all of the available rewards, you’ll need to get into top 12 by base XP in 50 Recon Mission battles.
  • You can also complete Daily Missions to earn Battle Pass Points and bonds in the mode. The results of Recon Mission battles will not contribute to your Personal Missions but will count towards your overall personal statistics.

You cannot complete clan missions in the mode but you can use Clan Reserves in it.

Map Candidates: Preview

Take a look at what we’ve improved in the prototypes from the previous Recon Mission:

  • Canyon, a 1,000×1,000 m map set in a rocky desert with a rugged landscape
  • Airshipyard, a snow-covered and mostly open 1,000×1,000 m location
  • Far East, a fairly open 1,000×1,000 m summer map with some buildings and an airfield

Take a leap into the unknown! These three map candidates are our latest creations:

  • Anykeyyevka, a 1,000×1,000 m map with a Soviet setting, featuring diagonal symmetry, varied elevation, and a combination of cityscape and wilderness
  • Aquila, an extra-large 1,200×1,200 m location based on Southern Europe, featuring mostly countryside with a small town
  • Klostertal, a 1,000×1,000 m map set in Central Europe and consisting largely of city blocks with a spacious park in the middle

Questionnaire: Reworked

Your thoughts about the proposed World of Tanks maps have been very insightful, so we’ve decided to give you more ways to share your opinion in the questionnaire. Our new upgraded questionnaire is more user-friendly and responsive. Most importantly, it allows you to point out problematic points on a minimap if you mention that the positions of the teams are unbalanced. You can also provide detailed descriptions for up to three positions and explain what exactly is out of order. We’re sure this will help make your feedback more valuable than ever. If you change your mind about any Recon Mission map, you can fill out its questionnaire again at any point before the end of Recon Mission.

Rewards: Doubled

Making it into the top 12 by base XP (for both teams) in Recon Mission battles contributes to your progression bar. You’ll need to meet these conditions in 50 Recon Mission battles to complete the progression bar. Among the rewards (given when you reach certain thresholds as shown below) there are Personal Reserves, directives, days of WoT Premium Account, medals, and a unique 2D style.

However, note that the progression will be reset after the first week (20-06-2022; 11:00 CEST), so you can try to earn the entire set of Recon Mission prizes twice!

Remember that participating in Recon Mission, providing feedback, and voting for your favorite map prototypes are the best ways to directly influence the future of World of Tanks.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make World of Tanks the best it can be!

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