WoT Monthly April 2024: Birthday and Update Time!

World of Tanks officially becomes a teenager this April. We’re marking the occasion with a special 13th birthday celebration, Onslaught, Update 1.24.1, Clan Showdown, and other events! Save the dates and stay tuned to the portal for exciting news and upcoming events.


April 5 through May 5

Take advantage of credit discounts, missions, and offers, as well as two new Top of the Tree specials. Climb the Chinese Tech Tree line to the bulldozing XBZ-75 , or expand your collection of Swedish tank destroyers all the way up to the XStrv 103B .

Update 1.24.1

April 8

Update 1.24.1 introduces several new features to the game. A new tank destroyer branch for the Polish line, updates to the crew system, a camera feature that allows you to see the position of the enemy tank that destroyed yours in battle, and much more. Keep an eye on the portal for details!


April 10 through May 19

It’s time for the final installment in the Year of the Pegasus mode. Season of the Jade Pegasus is your last chance to make a final push for Progression, test drive the Onslaught format in Team Training, and unlock the new Improved Equipment for bonds, Innovative Targeting. It’s also your last chance to unlock this year’s reward vehicle: The Hurricane, a specially adorned CS-63 with an epic 3D style and custom crew.

WoT Birthday!

April 12 through April 29

World of Tanks turns 13 in Europe and the Americas, and we’re ready to celebrate! Join us for special missions, discounts, unique offers, challenges, Mystery Twitch Drops, content creator EBR racing, a special Birthday Token Store, and tons more!

Contributor EBR Race Tournament

April 13

Tune in live on Twitch as some of your favorite contributors celebrate the 13th birthday of World of Tanks with an adrenaline-fueled racing competition. This epic fun event has incredibly high stakes (ultimate bragging rights!) and sweet Twitch Drops to claim, so don’t miss out!

Charge of the Lancers

April 19 through April 26

Put the new Polish tank destroyer line introduced in Update 1.24.1 to the test. Take advantage of unique offers and progress through exciting missions. Much-needed supplies and sweet rewards, including an exclusive Commander in the form of one of your favorite community contributors, are up for the taking!

Clan Showdown

April 27 and April 28

We stream the 15v15 Clan Showdown event live on Twitch this weekend, including Twitch Drops. Registration opens soon so don’t miss your chance to earn gold, bonds, and cash!

Ongoing Activities

Well-Deserved Reward

Until November 2024

It’s time to accept your Well-Deserved Reward for years of service— a token of our gratitude for your unwavering dedication to the game, which grows stronger every year. The reward is available now and varies depending on the year you joined the game.


Grab some cake, celebrate our 13th birthday, and engage in a variety of special events all month long. Be sure to check the portal regularly for the latest news, updates, and surprises!

Roll Out!


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