Sale of Premium Tanks for the 13th Anniversary of WoT in EU/NA.

On April 12, in honor of World of Tanks’ Birthday, we are waiting for you with bonuses, discounts, unique tanks, festive Twitch Drops, and 3D styles on sale. For example, Progetto M35 mod. 46 and Type 59.

14 thoughts on “Sale of Premium Tanks for the 13th Anniversary of WoT in EU/NA.

    1. Type 59 is only sold during events and some still believe in its “legendary” status, so they can be scammed into buying it.

      Progetto is one of the best Tier 8 premium tanks and always sell like hotcakes (and is rarely sold), plenty of money to be made with that.

      1. Sone people claim Type 59 is good because it’s a better T-44-100 with preferential matchmaker and say T-34-3 is trash. Well, all the times i met a Type 59 in my T-34-3, my T-34-3 won, and instead of 40€ i spend 8000 bonds for the superior model.

        About Progetto M35 Mod. 46, i can say it was good. Now it’s just a worse option over the Bourrasque/Miel, like the Lansen C now is a worst option over the Lansen C.

        So, neither are worth it actually.

        1. Agree with both. Borrat is the best Tier 8 medium or one of the best, and T-34-3 (after the many buffs it got) is a very good tank and often underestimated.

          Progetto is still extremely good though, assuming one is okay with no armor and shit camo.

      2. But still not rare tanks I wasnt speaking about how good or bad those are
        Last time we got type 59 offers in august 2023 and without having to buy in bundles

    1. How many people actually give a crap about these two tanks they are placing the whole anniversary event atop? What a stupid decision. They are supposed to get people in and playing during events, this ain’t it.

  1. There can’t be many people without these two tanks. Plus they’ve been replaced by better tanks now.

  2. Type 59 has preferential matchmaking and very cheap shells = Makes a ton of credits.
    That’s all (which by itself, is not bad at all).

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