WoT: Fair Play Update – Cheaters Receive Bans!

EU – Penalized and Banned Accounts
Today, we have taken another step in this direction and placed a ban wave across all servers. In this wave, we’ve penalized 12,562 accounts in the EU region: 9,216 of these accounts have received their first warning and a seven-day ban, and 3,346 have been banned permanently.

NA – Penalized and Banned Accounts
Today, we have taken another step in this direction and placed a ban wave across all servers. In this wave, we’ve penalized 230 accounts in the NA region: 166 of these accounts have received their first warning and a seven-day ban, and 64 have been banned permanently.

We’d like to thank the majority of players who continue to enjoy World of Tanks responsibly and participate positively in our close-knit community. Sadly, however, some players have taken things a step too far. We would like to remind players that we have zero tolerance as regards cheating. Fair play will always be among our top priorities.

The Spirit of Fair Play
World of Tanks has always been open to modifications and customizations, as long as they align with our Fair Play Policy. However, we do not approve of unwelcome cheat-facilitating and/or harmful software that manipulates gameplay and provides unfair advantages. We will continue to do our best to keep the gaming environment as fair as possible.

Our Terms of Service and Licence Agreement
Violations of our Terms of Service and the End User Licence Agreement are not tolerated, and we actively work to stop cheaters who use harmful and unwelcome software.

Verified Mods
This ban wave is the first of several, so be sure to visit the Mod Hub to find all the verified and newest mods for World of Tanks. The Mod Hub is the safest place to download various mods for World of Tanks without worrying about policy violations.


23 thoughts on “WoT: Fair Play Update – Cheaters Receive Bans!

    1. We will never see them due to the privacy law….
      With this excuse WG can write all the bullshit he wants.

      1. we always saw them mate, after a few days, what are you talking about? the list is always leaked!

  1. “accounts have received their first warning and a seven-day ban” like wtf is this policy???? by this logic everyone literally can go cheat untill the next ban wave and they will be just safe if it is their first time using cheats. That is a long period of time. Typical, just typical tard wg things!!!

      1. They use the python remote console to upload any kind of code to your computer at a non-disclosed times. This way hackers are not able to analyze the normal client for anti cheat mechanisms because the code is not part of the game client you download. At the same time the abuse potential of this is very high, basically your system is compromised every time you start the WG client.

        The part that is most cringe tho is he fact, that they say they got “zero tolerance” when it comes to cheating every time. If they really had zero tolerance they would ban accounts immediately and not hand out warnings. This way people are able to cheat until they get a second warning.

        The number of banned accounts is extremely low compared to the fuckery that goes on the servers anyway, and they say the reason for not disclosing the gamertags of the banned players is because of GDPR which is total nonsense.
        WG is just foll of shit, fuck them hard.

        1. It’s very easy to block that, to say your system is compromised is the biggest load of alarmist nonsense. You clearly haven’t the first clue what you’re talking about.
          Also, Its easy to check what information is logged and stop it.
          WG are twats but people like you making up bs are worse.

  2. in all old annonce for Fair Play Update – Cheaters Receive Bans .it’s always in EU 12000 player are banned 1 week and bann perma

  3. The one week caution period is too lenient, anyone caught red-handed should be perma-banned at the first offense. I suppose WG hopes at least some of these cheaters and riggers won’t do it again if busted once.

  4. Explanation on how ‘detection” is done:


    In short:
    A. You abuse mods to the max.
    B. You have been spectated by someone who then sent a replay of your game play (while abusing mods)
    C. Your statistical data is super weird (to many blind shots, high hit ratio without using zoom, targets auto aimed to far out, too many shots on targets beyond render range, etc..)
    D. Your entire clan has been flagged for rigging or some other BS.

  5. If wg really wanted to eliminate the possibility of cheating it could do so simply by disabling the possibility of using any type of mod as happens in many other games.

    1. Cheating is accepted and not viewed as an issue in China and Russia and other east European countries.
      This is why wot will never be an esport together with rng.

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