WoT 1.24.1 Common Test: New Improved Equipment

The new item will be available for the first time for 6000 bonds (and resulting Bronze) in Season 3 of Onslaught: Jade Pegasus.

“Innovative Targeting”.
Increase to vehicle characteristics:
• -9% of the aiming circle size


7 thoughts on “WoT 1.24.1 Common Test: New Improved Equipment

  1. I don’t know why people are so hyped about this innovative targeting . I have the bounty version and it does nothing for me. I put it on Nomad, together with a bond vents and a bounty rotation mechanism + the field mod for accuracy and the gun hits only when it wants… So i removed it and got a GLD. At least that does something.

    1. I think most people will not use this unless you put on tank that has Super Long Reload and Snipes only

  2. 6k Bond for only 1% increase is not worth it. Of course, I’m talking about the Bounty Aiming.
    Unless you like a certain tank too much and you want to put the best equipments on it.

  3. I hope bond exhaust will never come – LTs such as ELC EVEN, Manticore, etc will become even stronger

    1. That will be disgusting, because a Bond version of the Exhaust will surely have +10% camo, which is double the normal Exhaust. No other Bond equipments have that kind of a difference, even the Bond rotation is “only” 75% better =))))

      But in the same time, remember that MTs can mount Exhaust without any penalty. They get the same value from Exhaust as LTs, which means they can spot more efficiently too.

      Meanwhile, the situation won’t change much for those filthy motherfckers. No one will outspot them anyway. With or without 1% more camo, you need to get in the 50m in order to spot them if they sit in any bush.
      A lot of MTs get spotted through bush lines by the CVS at much higher distances. That’s when the Bounty Exhaust makes a difference.
      A Bond Exhaust will only make it easier for MTs and some bigger LTs to outspot those 50%+ camo mfs who think they can spot everyone while staying invisible.

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