WoT 1.24.1 Common Test: Expirable Personal Reserves

With the release of 1.24.1, Expirable Reserves will be added to the game for all types of bonuses. New icons have already been made for them in the reserve activation window. This type of reserves will not be kept by the player forever, but for a limited time after given. Approximately 1-2 months (no exact figures yet). If the reserve has not been used during this time, it expires.

At first, these reserves will not be used by the developers at all, but over time (over a long period of time) the developers plan to issue 80% only reserves of this new type.
All this should encourage players to use them more often(!) and will allow them to get rid of another type of collectible in players’ accounts.


22 thoughts on “WoT 1.24.1 Common Test: Expirable Personal Reserves

  1. if we don’t use the many decals, emblems & signatures, can u get rid of them?? they have no value. Makem tradeable for credits at least. At least credits are worth something.

  2. Neverming it’s just putting an expiration date on everything while devaluing their game until people just stop supporting it altogether.Brilliant move by wg belarussian mafia.

  3. put an expiration date on your premium tank to coencide with your lack of interest in buffing old premiums

    1. Why don’t you put an expiry date on yourself you useless cúnt then we can all celebrate when you expire

      1. stfu bitsh and buy more BZ 176
        buy one for your dad
        buy one for your mom
        buy one for eatch and every one of your family member
        worthless dosheet

        1. Im pretty sure you are a 48% cnt who will has no impact on the match even with the most op tanks so be quiet scrub

  4. I have 4k reserves. (Always forgot to turn on). This worth 1 million gold, if I wanna buy it. Give me half price gold excange, and we stay friends…

  5. > All this should encourage players to use them more often(!) and will allow them to get rid of another type of collectible in players’ accounts.

    Bullshit. It’s obvious the goal is to not allow players to stock up on personal reserves like we’re doing with the current system, and to “encourage” them to stay glued to the game 24/7 to grab them whenever they’re available (won’t be surprised if most will be locked in paywalls).

    This is the second time WG pushes for this shitass change, I hope the community will tell them to sod off like they did the first time.

    By the way, I have 3600+ reserves in my account, of the non-perishable type. Either WG issues compensation for these if they’re going away, or they stay until exhausted.

    1. What community?

      Most players never read the wot site or the forums (now closed), and even less with bother with discord so WG will say there’s no backlash and push the changes through…

      1. Though some claim otherwise, WG keeps an eye on reddit and other social media, as well as the game discord that replaced the forums. It’s up to the people there to protest against this “perishable reserves” nonsense.

    2. Or else? You agreed to them having the right to take everything away from your account when you signed the EULA

      1. I don’t see your point. You’d be okay with stuff being taken from your account for no reason at all? EULA or not I don’t think anybody would be okay with their stash of personal reserves to disappear into thin air (also, only people hooked on WoT 24/7 like major streamers can realistically use so many reserves in the span of a couple months, if WG is aware then they might as well limit personal reserves to people with whom they have a contract of partnership).

  6. You want to push WG to do something???? BOYCOTT PLAYING for 3 or more weeks. Show them what their game really is by not playing for a few weeks. Encourage in-game friends and clanmates to do the same. Tell the Game and Developers to FK OFF by doing this. Maybe they see it…. I for one stopped buying anything. They can throw all the OP, shiny dogsht at me they want…I’m not buying a damn thing.

    1. Problem is casual players don’t give a fuck.
      They just want to play a few games after work with their shitty 43% accounts.
      They not interested in protesting or writing comments at WG

      1. They also don’t think a low winrate is “shitty”.

        Most WoT players don’t give a damn about winrate, WN8, and other statistics, and that’s why they are so hated by the sweaty nerds (who, on the other hand, are obsessed with statistics). A match goes bad? Who cares, let’s join another and try again.

        Deliberately playing like a handicapped monkey is bad, but thinking WoT is some sort of competitive videogame for “dedicated gamers” is just stupid.

  7. I have nearly 800 reserves that I rarely use. One of the key reasons I don’t enable them is that the moment I activate them I’m getting into losing streaks. One might think that’s just a coincidence but after it happened over and over again I find it really odd. But knowing WG I sense some foul play here.

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