WoT: Tour of Duty Negative Changes

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  • Each clan member could earn 27,000 bricks a month by playing randoms.
  • (stage I – 1000, stage II – 2500, stage III 4000 and stage IV 6000, 13500 x2 = 27000)
  • You didn’t have to be active every day to get these 27,000 bricks.
  • New missions appear every 2 weeks.

After changes to the new system:

  • Each clan member will be able to earn 15,000 bricks per month by playing randoms. (-45%!!!)
  • (mission I 100 bricks, mission I 150 bricks, mission I 250 bricks, 100+150+250=500, 500×30 = 15000)
  • We get 3 daily missions that have to be completed one by one
  • We can complete mission 1 solo, mission 2 and 3 must be done in a platoon.
  • Missions must be completed every day, if we do not complete the mission, potential bricks are lost!
  • (if someone does not play in the platoon, they will only earn 4,500 for the clan per month (-83% !!! !!! !!!)

Additionally, in the new system, we can complete 21 stages (18 mandatory) and receive a Carro 45 t tank in return.

We complete the stages by collecting currency that we obtain from the clan missions above.

Mission 1 – 25 currency, mission II – 50 currency and mission III – 75 currency (25+50+75=150)

Total 11,100

Assuming that we complete all clan missions every day, we can get a tank within 74 days.


To sum up, it’s nice to get a Tier X tank for free, but the clan loses a lot of bricks.
As a result, this will result in a smaller number of clan reserves being released.
As a result, it will be more difficult to research tanks and earn credits.

18 thoughts on “WoT: Tour of Duty Negative Changes

  1. All this is made to force the clans to play Skirmishes and Advances more. The Tour of Duty (as it is now) can earn enough indutrial resource for lots of boosters to be made. If these changes happen, almost all clans will be forced to play the said modes.

    And the free Carro is a shiny consolation prize: shiny, but consolation for everything else that’ll be lost.

  2. wargaming trying to distroy clan credit boosters
    they are to blame for BZ 176 distroying tier 8 stronghold
    now they want to simply distroy clans overall
    well, guys, pleasure to play with you this cuple of years
    but , thats it, world of tanks is kaput, dead , gone

    1. Me too mate. We spent years building our clan it has 100 members but is mostly social. WG are making a massive mistake because in our clan about 1/3rd to half our members would not even play enough to complete their Tour of Duty in a two week period. At least until we made it mandatory. Then it took us a year of removing those that didn’t complete and accepting new players that did. Now we have built a group of 100 friends. It has taken a fair bit of work and now WG comes in yet again with the wrecking ball. We have several streamers in our clan (which is actually the Twitch streamer Quinnetics clan [QU1NN]) and they platoon all day every day with other clan members but they make up only 20 or 25 of our 100 members. the rest of us are social players, workers and family guys. In short ours is fundamentally a social clan and this is WG assassinating social clans. I have been playing 12 years and I am getting heartily sick of everything I have earnt and built over that 12 years getting altered or devalued by WG. I have 80,000 bonds saved up for the Concept 1B and the Pz50T (I started saving after the last ranked) of course now I am just not good enough to get to Silver in Onslaught to access them. I have all the bond tanks and I have WoT plus and unlimited bounty eqpt (I have completed every BP since the beginning with improved pass every time) so I do not want the improved equipment. I have all the camo’s as well so altho bonds are meant to be the premier medium of exchange in game they are as useful to me as virtual toilet paper. This thing with the clans is the last straw. WG must have lost touch with reality to believe that people that work and have families are going to be able to platoon every single night… morons. I unlocked the last tank last year I now have over 500 vehicles. 130 T8 prems and I was wondering what is left to do it was the clan that retained my interest and there are several veterans in my clan in exactly the same boat. It is self harm on the part of WG how sad….

  3. They’re doing this in line with changing personal boosters to be time-limited (they will expire). So no more hoarding anything. All of this and they will pack our exterior decorations with dogshit we can’t sell.

    1. WG tried to make personal reserves time-limited once and it failed spectacularly, are they trying again?

      1. I’ve noticed that almost every time I activate Personal reserves I’m going into a losing streak. I’ve tried it enough to know that it’s not a mere coincidence. After playing WoT for a decade I can sense foul play by WG and this one of those moments.

        1. Belive me or not,I also noticed same thing,evry time i use boosters games are horrific,i strated to play withot it,and the games are usually better.Thin foil logic,i know

          1. Thinfoil logic, yes. I use them all the time combined with clan boosters and i have 55% wr majority of the time. Its called confirmation bias and you guys just cant see past through it, or u just bad.

      1. Oh please, it’s the sweatlord fucks who are the actual psychos and destroyed the game’s fun.

    1. The 2nd and 3rd mission needs to be completed in platoon with a clanmate. Don’t know, if it work or not, when you randomly see a clanmate on your team and joining a dynamic platoon.

  4. If my math is correct, I who rarely play in platoon have to complete the first mission on 444 days to get the Carro. 😀

    1. What are some mission requirements from the test server? I haven’t downloaded the Text Client (and don’t have neough storage space on my laptop xD), so I javen’t checked them out.

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