Possible New WoT Plus Subscription Bonuses in Update 1.24.1

Here is a possible list of future bonuses for WoT Plus subscribers.
• A unique mark (emblem) near the nickname: “Vanguard WoT Plus” and the corresponding patch.
• Additional experience to a controlled bonus (for winning).
• Bonus for credits.
• Trial (free) subscription period.

You still cannot give this subscription as a gift without paying in advance, which is a disgrace in the world of subscriptions. And you still can’t pay for more than 1 month.

6 thoughts on “Possible New WoT Plus Subscription Bonuses in Update 1.24.1

  1. If you want me to consider paying extra on top of simply keeping Premium, make the WoT Plus subscription give me the same amount of experience and credit compensation I’d have gotten for a win on a loss, *before* any reserves. That’d go a LONG way to making 3-15 blowouts more palatable for those of us who actually still give the least bit of a damn.

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