WoT Supertest: ST-62 Version 2

The first newcomer is the ST-62 Version 2, a Tier X Soviet medium tank. This sleek vehicle boasts a streamlined profile, perfect for stealthy maneuvers and bold flanking tactics on the battlefield.

Armed with a reliable 100 mm gun with an inverse autoloader with a 3-shot clip, the ST-62 delivers a good combination of firepower and flexibility. With impressive penetration values (260 mm with standard APCR shells), 320 HP of damage per shot, and a swift 2-second in-clip reload time, this Soviet fighter excels at sudden, devastating assaults on enemy positions.

But the ST-62 isn’t just about firepower; it also offers comfortable mobility. While its top speed of 50 km/h may not be very impressive, its specific power of 20 h.p./t and good maneuverability make it agile and swift. It can confidently follow heavies and provide them vital support with its rapid-firing auto reloading gun.

The ST-62 shines brightest when employed in hit-and-run tactics. Use its speed and firepower to attack swiftly and retreat before the enemy can respond. Its ability to quickly flank enemy positions and deliver almost 1,000 HP of damage in 6 seconds makes it a dangerous assault tank.

6 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: ST-62 Version 2

  1. flanking lmao didnt even any read further
    imagine if the developers played a single battle in their fucking game
    go ahead flank on mountain ass and the other 3 lane dogshit trash ppl here consider maps

  2. More auto(re)loader cancer, we wanted it so much…

    Looks strong, betting it’ll be a clanwar prize.

  3. Good! Finally!
    I was affraid that this month no new russian tank was going to be announced

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