WoT RU: Tier 9 Frontline Battles


  • The profitability of Tier IX vehicles has been increased relative to Random Battles.
  • The event is available from March 22, 7:00 (Moscow time) to April 1, 3:00 (Moscow time).
  • Battle format: 30 × 30.
  • Vehicles: in this mode you can play with any Tier IX vehicle.
  • The armor and durability of the Five high-caliber guns, as well as the parameters of combat reserves, have been brought into line with the event level.

  • Targets: Five high-caliber guns in the rear of the defense team. The attacking team’s task is to destroy three of them. The defending team must protect the guns, holding back the enemy’s onslaught throughout the battle.
  • Maps: Normandy, Kraftwerk and Fata Morgana.
  • Progression rewards: bonds, Battle Pass points, universal manual and other in-game property.

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