WoT 1.24.1 Common Test: New unique crew members for the Year of Pegasus (Onslaught 23/24).

Jan “Chief” Kowalski (Commander)

Jan was a school history teacher in a Polish village, but in difficult times he stood up to defend the country from superior enemy forces. He is a fearless leader on the battlefield, which is why (and also because of his substantial beard) his comrades call him “Chief.”

Anna “Eagle Eye” Lindström (Gunner)

Anna grew up in an influential Swedish military family and from a young age was fascinated by drawings, plans and prototypes. A childhood hobby has grown into a profession as a tank designer, and her father is very proud of his daughter, who tests high-precision military equipment.

Damon “The Artist” Hammond (Driver)

The prestigious art school disappointed Damon to such an extent that he dropped out to serve his country and the Queen in the British Armed Forces. Having exchanged fine art for the art of war, he finally discovered his true calling – creating masterpieces on the battlefield.

Andy “Sol” Waugh (Loader)

Who can chat for hours with anyone on any topic? Of course, a tattoo artist from Florida named Andy. After he enlisted in the army, his natural charisma provided him with an even more attentive audience, and thanks to his ability to unite his comrades around him, he became the real soul of the tank crew.

When recruiting, you can choose:
• nation;
• type of equipment and machine.

These crew members have a zero “Brothers in Arms” skill and two 100% skills to choose from.
• There is no unique voice acting.

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