WoT Supertest: Vz.58 Koncept

A new heavy tank, the Vz.58 Koncept, will be introduced to the Supertest

This Tier IX Czechoslovakian heavy tank embodies all the classic hallmarks of its nation. The Vz.58 Koncept has some frontal armor and is armed with a powerful 122 mm gun with good penetration values. Its main gameplay feature is a 4-round autoloader, with each of the 4 shells dealing 440 HP of damage per shot, potentially delivering a devastating 1,760 HP of damage in a single burst!

That said, the gun’s handling and accuracy are somewhat mediocre, meaning this tank is more suited for close-range combat. Its top and reverse speeds also aren’t the best (36/16 km/h), making this heavy more of a support vehicle than a flanker or breakthrough brawler. In battle, it relies on its allies rather than its armor and dynamics.

6 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Vz.58 Koncept

    1. Maybe, seems bad enough to be a premium.
      That huge cupola paired with the weak front amor screams pinata.
      Bad interclip, bad dpm, extremly bad gunhandling and dispersion, Bad Speed.
      Yeah, that would fit their tier9 premium philosophy. We still yet have to see one bourat/ebr/bz at tier9 and i am glad that they refrain from it.

      1. Speed is average but hp/t is very high for a heavy, and this tank has an autoloader which frees a slot for turbo so it’ll easily go above 40 km/h.

        Also remember Object 752 has both very big turret cupolas as well as poor gun handling yet nobody complains about it – in fact, it’s one of the better Tier 9 tanks and arguably the best Tier 9 premium tank.

    2. Seems likely it will be a Premium. I hate to see what the price will be. And it’s likely it will sell pretty well. There’s a big demand for autoloader lately. I’ll probably gram it if they discount it.

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