17 thoughts on “WoT – Battle Pass XIII: TMNT

  1. This is… Beyond idiotic

    They try to make the game a childish fortnite thing? Your audience is not Fortnite audience, and the Fortnite audience will not come to play WoT

    Whats next? Disney Frozen Tank? He-Man tanks? Dora tank? Mario Bros tank (well, we got the wheeled that are like mario karts, so…)?

    World of DumbTanks

    Take action as customers and not spend anything in this ridiculous idea.
    Still waiting for new maps!!!!

    1. Next year, Bugs Bunny or Donald Duck. Then WG can ask Warner Bros or Disney to give them money. But it has to be with DIVERSE tanks, so everybody can feel INCLUDED!!!

  2. This is great news! Since I didn’t intend to play WoT that much anymore, I don’t have to grind to complete the battle pass chapters for this utterly crap!

      1. At least the anime tanks were from a tank-related anime.
        Or if you meant the valkyria chronicles ones, they’re from a game series (with an anime equivalent of ww2 with tanks).

  3. I loved tmnt growing up. It’s been quite a while since I was actually excited for a wot event! Even the 3d style bundle I’ll consider buying.

  4. The original comics were pretty violent then then commercialised it with child friendly cartoons.
    I preferred the adolescent radioactive blackbelt hamsters to be honest.

  5. First, tiers 4 / 5 for Battle Pass= Good (even though the tanks mostly suck). Too bad, I will be finding something else to do. I mean…what the actual #@*%, who is this catering to?
    This is finally reason enough to turn off all skins. How about: Real camos, like the one on that really cool-looking new reward Panzer IV (that nobody plays because tier 5, and weak tank anyway). Or..I would pay money to for example change the skin on Panther M10, which I hate for some reason, to make it look like a regular panther, or to remove that ugly ass-extension on the centurion 5-1……..Oh well.

  6. They have a saying in TV show business calle “Jumping the Shark”. WOT has certainly jumped the shark already.

  7. Has quicky baby made a video selling this shit for WG yet??

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