WoT: About The New Clan Wars Reward Tank

When will there be a new imba tier 10 on the GM?

WG: Yes, in 2024 there will be a new tier 10 tank. But we never said that this tier 10 tank will be for Maneuvers or a traditional event on the Global Map. Clan Challenges are an option…

14 thoughts on “WoT: About The New Clan Wars Reward Tank

  1. cant wait to see if it will be fucking dogshit or completely busted, since there are no in-betweens anymore

  2. Traditionally, this should be a HT – considering the current choices we have as in-game files, it can be MBT-B, Obj. 257 (PA) or one of the unreleased Chieftains (although I doubt it). The only MT that can be, is the upcoming Vickers MBT Mk. 3. And we also have the LKpz 70K – the german tier X LT with -17 deg of depression! The last is extremely unlikely to be given as a CW reward, but I wish WG would surprise us this time…

    1. LKpz 70 K would strike me more as an Assembly Shop tank, like the newly added to ST Vickers 3 MBT.

      MBT B feels more like something they’d put in a CW reward.

      But as with everything with WG, we won’t know till they deem it ready to be known

      1. I have ney klan and donnae play tier 10 so I’m ney really bovvered.
        Some players have every tank so can appreciate new tanks are needed.

  3. There’s a spoiler in the picture of the canvas covered tank, the front wheel under the canvas is turned to the left, to me it appears like a british wheeled vehicle from the impression of the canvas covering the tank

    You can also see the outline of the second wheel behind the front wheel, and it appears about the size and shape of a british medium wheeled vehicle.

      1. Nope because that would be fair and honest. Which doesn’t exist in a Russian built game lol

  4. Why nobody takes into consideration that this might be a 3D skin which can have tons of things that make its look completely different?
    There’s no wheelies joined the Supertest recently.
    It’s pretty much impossible to guess.

      1. All other CW tanks appeared with their 3D styles.
        And making a 3D style for WG is like breathing for any human.
        I won’t be surprised if that is the case.

      1. Oh wow! What do we have here?
        Another raci… Oops, sorry, another gentleman with his special treatment for people from another continent. He must feel so superior to pull off such phenomenal words.
        You are truly amazing, and thank for the giggles =))))

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