WoT Supertest: SDP 44 Burza

The SDP 44 Burza, a Tier VI TD from the new Polish line.

The SDP 44 does not feature the new mechanic introduced with high-tier Polish TDs, meaning its gun’s damage does not decrease as the distance to the target increases. It’s a classic turretless TD that has a lot in common with the rest of the vehicles in the branch. It’s mobile (its top forward speed is 50 km/h), with decent frontal protection, and it carries a reliable 100 mm gun that deals 280 HP of damage with a single shot and has good penetration values (182 mm and 220 mm for its standard and special rounds respectively).

Like its “relatives”, the SDP 44 is more effective as a brawler than as a sniper due to its base view range of 320 m and its gun’s base accuracy of 0.42. Slow hull traverse, a limited horizontal gun traverse arc of 10°, and relatively thin sides complete its list of typical traits. But there is one thing that sets the SDP 44 Burza apart from the rest: it’s the only Polish TD with a cast hull. Admittedly, this feature is a cosmetic one and won’t affect your basic battle plan when playing in the SDP 44: attack enemies at close-to-mid range and don’t stray away from allies—and you should be good.

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