WoT Supertest: Alternative Suggested Changes to Mannerheim Line

We have once again made minor improvements to the Mannerheim Line map, with the coastline near the left base having been slightly refined. Check it out.

Changes to the left base coastline include the appearance of new positions at a distance, rendering the route to the battle area safer.


Improvements have been made to the sloped shoreline underwater, making it easier to navigate out of the water and reducing the risk of drowning.

old new old new

The bushes have also been moved closer to the red line, increasing visibility, and making positions easier to spot.


3 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Alternative Suggested Changes to Mannerheim Line

    1. The northeastern corner is a cheap camping spot for anything with good camo, they get a field of fire covering the northen spawn and the southern access to it (which is also covered by tanks camping on the cliff near the spawn). Only arta should go in that place.

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