Project CW: Patch #11

Patch Notes
New Hero added: Walküre

Hero Balance changes:
Main shell Penetration power decrease: 420->320
Gatling gun increased heat generated per second from 20-25 (overall capacity is 100 so it should take 4 seconds of continuous fire to overheat. Before it took 5 seconds. 100/20 = 5 100/4 = 25)
Chopper Gatling gun max damage range reduced from 400m to 100m.

Changed Conditional Trait Grim Reaper:
Updated localization to reflect that only 1 kill is necessary to trigger the conditional trait effect.
Increased duration of conditional trait effect: from 10 seconds to 20 seconds as written in the perk description.
Changed Machine gun values:
Decreased Machine gun max damage range from 400m to 100m
Increased Machine gun damage from 10 to 40 damage.
Reduced Machine Gun total number of shots from 30 to 15.
Increased Alpha Damage from 350-450
Increased Reload time from 6-7.5 seconds.
Fast Reload bonus increased
Changed max zoom value from x4 to x6
Increased turret front armor thickness

Change default fire rate: 1 -> 1.5 sec
Change default alpha damage: 300 -> 330

Increase TV Missile ability cooldown 30 -> 40 sec
Increase Artillery Strike ability explosion radius from 10 to 15
Artillery Strike: reduced number of shots from 6 to 3
Artillery Strike: each hit will deal 200 damage to tracks.

Move Hull ammorack crit box back/down.

Made UX Improvements for the damage indicator received from artillery strike/air gunship:
Reimplemented shoot indicators logic to stack damages instead of applying new animation for each damage receive.
Added Air and Ground Indicators.

Fixed issues with reflection on water that looked blurry and pixelated.
Fixed an issue effecting amount of XP gained
Players will receive + 8k soft currency and 45 min XP Boost each day

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