Project CW: Patch #12 – New Agent And Map Coming

Yes, you read it right, we’re bringing you ANOTHER new Agent to try out – Arblast. This Agent and vehicle are both early in development and a WIP, but it’s in a playable state and we wanted to give you the opportunity to check it out. Let us know what you think!

AND THAT’S NOT ALL! We’re also adding a brand-new, never before seen map: Aircraft Carrier. If you like sun, sea, and gigantic machines of war, this is the place for you.

When: 3 February 2024 07:00
Patch Notes

ARBLAST (prototype hero without progression)
Hero’s Ability – SIEGE MODE:
Immensely increases firepower. Takes 3 second to deploy. Vehicle is immobile while Siege Mode is active. Can be deactivated by pressing ability button second time.
Role/Division perks are available.
PL/DE localizations are not supported at the moment.

One thought on “Project CW: Patch #12 – New Agent And Map Coming

  1. Siege mode means this will be a modern-day STB-1 or Strv series tank (because swedes call the Strv 103 a tank)?

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