WoT Express: Object 452K Assembly Shop 2024 Leak

[Update and the tank itself with a numbered 3D style]

According to our information, the Assembly Shop is still on the developers’ calendar for launch soon, everything remains unchanged here.

And here is the tank that can be obtained along with the numbers:
Object 452KΒ (USSR, Tier-10, HT, promotional)

Have a good game.

source: WOT Express donators only article

25 thoughts on “WoT Express: Object 452K Assembly Shop 2024 Leak

  1. Hey, did you heard the good news ? Ukraine sunk another boat full of ruSSian naZis.
    I’m sure my “friend” Wardaddy is very happy right now πŸ˜πŸ‘

    1. That clown is obviously a troll who wants to provoke people into reacting to his nonsense, he could not care less about Russia, Ukraine, or the war. You should let him rot in his piss where he belongs.

      1. He could be just a bot that he is earning a dishonest buck, that is very possible. But you know , for every thief there is a fool, so there is a possibility to be just some random putin fangirl… πŸ€”

        1. He’s just some cuck who had read too much propaganda online and believes communist Russia is the saviour of the Western world in defeating the wef and NATO.
          Unfortunately he’s totally wrong as Russia too has built 15 minute cities clearly following Agenda 2030 etc etc….

      1. I think you are a bit under the confusion. It was unfriendly fire against ruSSian naZi invader douches.

  2. Looks to be, if true, like a better BZ-72-1. A slap in the face for everyone, who just invested 25k+ gold last week

    1. There a lot of people who have 200k gold on account… anyway, if this tank is goin to assembly shop, that would be massacre… Armor profile is brutal, gun stats dont remember… we will see if there at the end wont be that Vickers trash πŸ˜€

    2. BZ is better for good players, they know which positions to go for at any given time and the rocket boosters give them an advantage with that.

    1. …..if it was a sniper………. or for red line camper.
      This tank is not the 1st one, maybe you are the 2nd…….

    1. well, you forgett thats DMG is key. And 452 will have a bigger alpha, so it is superior in trading. think about it

      1. well, and noobs forget that DPM and NOT damage are the key, and saw that the DPM is the exactly the same, but 260 is far way best in overall stas, sadly you demostrate to forget a lot of things, surely ingame too saw what you think…..

  3. This one will be interesting, I was hoping for the light tank but I know that no one would go for it sadly. The light tank is the one I really want. Maybe later? Hopefully not a clan item.

  4. Looks like another slow, hull down monster. Golly. Looks like like a Super Conqueror but without all the finesse.

    1. Object has a better turret compared to SC (no weakspots) but also a similarly huge lower plate that’s hard to conceal. The gun on the other hand is worse, losing a bit of everything for more alpha damage.

      Also, SC has -10 gun depression because WG dumbass balancing (should be -7).

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