WoT Supertest: SDP 60 Gonkiewicza

The SDP 60 Gonkiewicza—a Polish Tier IX tank destroyer. Like Tier VIII and X counterparts in the new branch, this TD introduces a novel mechanic where the damage inflicted by its standard and special shells depends on the distance to the target.

Named in honor of a cadet from the Jarosław Dąbrowski Military Technical Academy of Warsaw who conceived its project, the SDP 60 Gonkiewicza’s gameplay closely mirrors that of the top-tier tank destroyer in the branch, the NC 70 Błyskawica. It retains the same strengths, weaknesses, and tactical capabilities.

At distances up to 50 meters, both standard and special APCR shells deliver an average damage of 800 HP per shot, with a 15-second gun reload time and a 2.7-second aiming time. They exhibit impressive speeds, reaching 1700 m/s for the standard shell and 2000 m/s for the special one. The maximum forward speed is 42 km/h, while in reverse, it’s 15 km/h. It’s crucial to note that the SDP 60 Gonkiewicza relies heavily on allies and requires players to continuously monitor the situation on the battlefield.

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