WoT RU: Vehicle Changes in Update 1.24 (British Wheeled Medium Tanks)

In general, the maneuverability of the vehicles was insufficient for wheeled tanks. The physics of movement of this vehicle has been reworked, which has improved the driving characteristics of the tanks.

What changed:

  • to speed up the acceleration of the tank, the starting speed was increased;
  • to improve survivability, the speed loss penalty for damaged wheels has been reduced;
  • the turning speed of vehicles on all chassis has been increased to ensure greater maneuverability of the equipment;
  • the vehicle’s maneuverability on soil has been improved.



10 thoughts on “WoT RU: Vehicle Changes in Update 1.24 (British Wheeled Medium Tanks)

  1. This is still wg in eu. the only thing they care for is direct cashgrab. game gonna soon look like wart hunder and armored cashfare.

    1. lol you know that lesta destroyed the complete economic of the game? a grinding lootbox event and a golden uddsr wt auf e100 without a save spot afeter 50 boxes open
      wg lesta cares only money
      wg eu is open wit community communication but i hope you now some changes need time in a big company but overall last year wot eu has only good updates – wot lesta buff arty, flametrhower and closecombat artys – sounds funny with there lootboxes kappa

  2. Problem is that hull traverse doesn’t do shit on the cars, they need to increase the wheel turning angle for 4-6deg. Thats what’s really holding them back.

    1. Get back in your box and learn to play the game.
      Your 43% win gives you no voice to recommend anything 🖕🏼

  3. Was Concept 5 the only one that got buffed? If so that’s cringe, the whole line and the premium deserve something, WoT is not only about Tier 10.

    These buffs look excessive though. A non-excessive DPM buff and less movement penalty with damaged wheels sound great, but it looks like they’re trying to turn British cars into another line of EBRs.

  4. Before wheeled vehicles came out I really liked playing with light tanks, now this tanks are totally useless.
    The passive spot has become useless.
    The real cancer of WOT are not A-SMV but wheeled vehicles.

  5. Amazing buffs by the Russian company. Unfortunately, the western bots working at the Game-Balancing Department fail to improve the game, only to release new premiums. That’s why I switched to War Thunder! Two days ago, it has been 9 years since I started playing WoT. Missing the good old days, even if the game wasn’t perfect back then…

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