Project CW: Don’t forget to leave your feedback!

With the playtest sadly coming to an end soon, we thought we’d remind you that you could win some juicy prizes by giving us your thoughts

Everyone participating in the playtest will receive an email asking you to complete a survey about your thoughts on the game so far. When filling out that survey you have the option to opt-in to the competition, so hit yes if you don’t want to miss out!

There will be six winners who will all be given a Project CW t-shirt, as well as a $50 Amazon gift card (or equivalent). It’s not a bad set of prizes, so take 5 minutes of your time and you could be in with a chance of winning:

You can read the full rules for the competition here:

3 thoughts on “Project CW: Don’t forget to leave your feedback!

  1. I left an honest feedback saying that its not a good idea to waste resources on a game that tries to merge Battlefield and RSix Siege while providing nothing interesting to keep me playing and that they should focus on pushing already good titles trough time rather than squeezing this one trough it.

  2. I left my opinion twice, first in the survey then later in their discord.
    I like the game very much because it jumps the awful grind of low tiers in wot and give a decent tank for the player to build up right from the start. Also the fact the enemies never go invisible and the shot will go at the center of the aiming circle if you wait for it to close are great aditions that I wish wot had so many years ago.

    The problem will be for this game to find an audience without canibalizing world of tank’s audience. I stopped plying wot many years ago and would give a try to CW, but wargaming needs to find more people than just ex-wot players. I don’t see many people stop playing warthunder tanks to play this, because it’s just as sweaty in its own way.

  3. I didn’t play this at all and gave positive feed back. I can’t wait until they ditch wot in 2025 to make sure CW flies

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